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 New Age 'miracles course' on track to deceive

new perspectives from global influencers 17th - 19th January, 2008.

[url=]Attendees at Crystal Cathedral 'Rethink' conference[/url]

I didn't investigate the whole site, but the link above opens the home page, to reveal neat pix of all the speakers.

Following some further information about the trials around the world of the tagging mentioned in the thread about injecting tags into prisoners in the UK, there is an interview with Warren Smith, who used to be in the New Age movement, and has studied the Miracles Course which is now being promoted by Oprah Winfrey through those who have been teaching it for some years already.

I was shocked at the simple truth reversals which are mentioned by the interviewee. This is teaching [i]directly[/i] about 'another Jesus'.

Maybe some of you know this stuff, but if you don't, the interview in the second two thirds o the broadcast, is sobering at least. I think the content is of interest to anyone who wants to understand more about the spiritual enemy.

The broadcast linked below is from on Tuesday, 15th Jan, 2008, discussing the links between some of the people who are attending the conference, and the 'Miracles Course' supporters.

(Trunews interviewed Andrew Strom recently.)

[url=]Interview with Warren Smith[/url]

 2008/1/17 20:59

 Re: New Age 'miracles course' on track to deceive

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to mention that the post in General Topics contains links to the author linked in the above post, and also to the breaking news (old now) that Oprah Winfrey is promoting the teacher of the Miracles Course which Warren Smith exposes in the interview with trunews. He had done the training himself.

[url=]A Question/Warning Regarding Evangelical Apostasy and Prayerful Request[/url]

Separately, it has been bugging me that George Barna was at the 'Rethink' conference, as we seem to trust his statistics and I've no idea why. If you remember the video of the children 'praying' and the recording that we discussed some months ago... it strikes me that there may be a connection with one of his books 'Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions'. His latest (apparently) is 'Revolutionary Parents'.

Has anyone read either of these, or knows someone who has?

 2008/1/20 20:23

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