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Is this sermon 4 minutes long or did I do something wrong??
Is there a longer version of this sermon??
I was listening and wanting to hear more.
Great message!

I was reading today what John Sung said before he died.."The work of the future is to be the work of prayer."
In order to see transformation in anything there has to be an INTENSE desire for that thing.


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I tried to view the sermon, but nothing happened at all. I clicked on the link and only got a page with a big Q with a ? in the middle of it.

You need to download it to your desktop first. Simply right click on the featured sermon banner or the sermon title and choose "save target as" to download the sermon to your desktop. Once it has finished downloading you can listen to the sermon as a mp3 file. Here is the sermon link below:

[b]Humanizing God by Lou Sutera[/b]

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 Re: time

I don't have time right now to follow up on this thread as I have to leave out at 4am tomarrow and won't be back til Monday. I'll follow up than. God Bless all , bro daryl


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 The Follow Up to bro Paul

I'll try to take this slow. Revival comes in three ways, One , an anointed messenger, two a worshipping congregation, three a Soveriegn Move of God. There may be spin offs but this is basically the juest of it.
When I see a praise service I watch the worship leader to see if He shuts out everything and enters into worship himself. Notice I said worship leader, a leader is one who leads the way. Now so as not to allow those who might read this to be duped into following someone into the pit of hell, there are some characteristics that follow godly worship, one) a deep sense of reverence toward God two) an anointing that breaks the yoke of bondage three) a liberty in the Holy Spirit -- in other words freedom to be expressive toward God.
What many preachers do is express a strong bias for or against a certain style of music, it's to fast its to slow its to etc....I personally don't care for rocky rolly christian music, but the fact is that God in His soverienty can and does use it and recieves glory from some who praise and worship Him in it. He looks to the heart.

My only objection to Daryl's post was his assertive teaching that God's Word must not be separated from emotion - that there must be emotion in the voice

I believe I made a point that the Word of God must be not only intellectual but also read with emotion, the Word of God is a living thing! Do you realize that not one of Jesus spoke on earth can fail? Every single word He spoke did something physically or spiritually yet to be revealed, now wrap your mind around that one.

The great saints of God in the past understood sobriety.

With all due respect Paul, every, let me restate that again, every move(revival, awakening) of God histroically had great hymns and melodies and praise songs written (in some cases these lead the way, in some cases they came along side of). As to quietness and time of reflection? There is a time for all things under the sun, but it takes a sensitive Leader to navigate these waters.

Now as to the soul, We as the people of God enter sometimes out of our own volition, and like ole Elisha we enter by reason of the musician. In the New covenant God accepts both. I believe that the soul is that part of man that crosses the bridge that links the body and the spirit.Now if we are talking about flesh, the only refences made to the flesh are deeds, actual things one is doing that are sins. Well lets look at lust, isn't it interesting that Jesus condemned the judgemental pharisees with this sin. Conscience sins usually finds its expression in judgementalism or accusation or a passing of judgement upon someone without mercy.

Jump starting? No never! A true worship leader? Absolutely! People follow leaders and to make a blanket statement that says all this type of music is good or all this type of music is bad it to place the focus on the wrong thing. First- watch the leadership, second- Am I a worshipper in real everyday life?

To conclude, no one that I know of wants a false anything. But most people I know like butter on thier toast, they don't like it dry. Same goes for praise and worship services, after all most people wouldn't be there if they didn't want to be there. In these days that speaks volumes by it self. I hope I cleared up everything bro. Paul, God Bless bro. daryl


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 Re: MUST HEAR: Humanizing God by Lou Sutera


sermonindex wrote:

Lou Sutera is honest with the hearers sharing how desperately wicked society has become around us. His main point is showing how little esteemed God is and how society and sadly Christians have "humanized God" to make Him as we are. Revival is utmost and necessary to see God as He truly is! This message is a clarion call for the need and urgency we should have.

[b]Humanizing God[/b]

This is an excellent message! I was really blessed by it. Has any one else listened to this and been impacted by it?

 2008/1/23 18:29

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