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 Re: the irrationality of evolution

Jesus, in the form of The Holy Spirit, is how we know Darwinism is bunk.

I disagree. One can know that Darwinism is false by applying rational knowledge. And there’s plenty around – much more than there was in Darwin’s day. Darwin had no microscopes. And so, he could not have understood the complexity of life at its foundation: the molecular. Michael Behe, a professor of Biochemistry wrote “Darwin’s Black Box” in which he defends the design argument by explaining scientifically, how molecular complexity proves the sheer impossibility of evolution as an explanation for the origin of life. He said:

“if you search the scientific literature on evolution, and if you focus your search on the question of how molecular machines - the basis of life – developed, you find an eerie and complete silence. The complexity of life’s foundation has paralyzed science’s attempt to account for it; molecular machines raise an as-yet-impenetrable barrier to Darwinism’s universal reach.

Paul said we live by FAITH NOT BY SIGHT.

And yet we also to live by understanding - not blind faith. (which would characterize evolutionists)

We don't need more movies, we need more prayer.

How do we know that God may not actually use movies at times to answer prayer, ex: by challenging assumptions.

It seems that “Expelled” is receiving a great deal of unfavourable reviews – for various reasons. They don't need our votes too. I believe we should applaud attempts to challenge the status quo. It takes courage.



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