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 Problem ?

Brother, I normally come here by just typing "" into my browser - but today instead of this site --- I got this site -


 2008/1/15 17:58

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Wheaton, IL

 Re: Problem ?

It's missing the R. What you see is commonly known as domain squating. In the case of a commonly known domain name such as, someone else will register, or, or etc. hoping for mis-spellings. They then sell advertising space on these pages, if enough traffic is deverted to attract the attention of the orginal domain they may have get bought out.

In the case of one web ministry with the address, another person registered, and another, and even with an H. All of these other domains were to divert traffic away from the main domain, it leads to a lot of confusion. In the case of Intercristo, they were able to obtain all of the other domains through legal means so now they all lead to

Ian Smith

 2008/1/15 18:24Profile



Thank you Brother - I'm laughing so hard the tears are flowing - but --- what on earth?

Seems like others must have made that mistake before too ?

Thanks Brother.
I'll remember that R 'now'. :-?

Edit to your edit. Ohhhhh, so it is sort of intentioanal. Naughty.

 2008/1/15 18:30


All of these other domains were to divert traffic away from the main domain

Very naughty practice.

Thanks again Ian.


 2008/1/15 18:37

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 Re: Problem ?

hehe *chuckle* :-D


 2008/1/18 13:34Profile

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