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Dallas, Texas


You're right Paul... which is why I intend only getting ankle deep in this discussion.

I'm with you there, brother. I think most people here know our stances on these particular topics anyhow. One atomic explosion is enough for me. I'm not going near this.

p.s. I hope you weren't crying too hard when Dallas lost last night.

Bro. Paul (just trying to bring some last-minute lightheartedness here, the calm before the typhoon)

Paul Frederick West

 2008/1/14 14:24Profile


p.s. I hope you weren't crying too hard when Dallas lost last night.

Are you kidding me?? There was rejoicing in my house when NY intercepted that ball in the end zone! Almost as much rejoicing as when the Chargers knocked the Colts out!

I'm pulling for Green Bay for the remainder. I wanna see my boy Favre get another ring! (And I would love to see it happen at the expense of the Patriots!)


 2008/1/14 14:41

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 Re: Contemporary Christian Music

[url=]Does Music Matter?[/url]


 2008/1/14 15:43Profile

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Minnesota, USA


Great fluffy muffins, I didn't expect this to bust anyone's buttons! I'd rather people not start Smackdown 2008 over it! It's not worth it.

I guess I can understand the enjoyment of a spirited debate, given the people involved are mature Christians and can distinguish between insults from a mere difference of opinion. I just don't want to be the cause of one!

Thank you to everyone who provided links to older threads on the subject. I'll find contentment with those. :-)


 2008/1/14 15:58Profile

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