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 Is GOD the same yesterday, today and forever per HIS WORD?

Yes. Is GOD able or permitted to speak to us through dreams and visions? THat's rhetorical.

One point is all I've tried to make on the Rambling Prophetic poem I wrote and here.

Those who are blessed with visions and dreams...share them but don't go on and on basing something they quote as "Fact" when it really is a "most likely scenario" from which another "most likely scenario" is derived. Then after several degrees of serparation in a thread, the point is lost and the "discussion" is more inflammatory than helpful. More using the bible as a weapon which I too have unintentionally done.

The proof is replete throughout SI. THere is much good. Make no mistake. However, any focus or dream or sermon or vision which begs SElf-light...which draws and redraws attention to points which are arguable and subjective loosely bound by a biblical reference taken out of context or expounded upon / stretched out beyond what can be Self serving and not CHRIST serving.

I read how quickly people seek to defend their subjective dreams and visions and take offense. Back to Paul West's quote...let's stick with Scripture...not our "degrees of seperation" interpretations as such...stating people should believe personal visions, sermons, dreams, revelations known as "X" when the WORD doesnt support or condemn it.

That's the gray area I speak most to myself about. Just because HE doesnt say something about my vision or dream in contrast...doesnt make it right either.

Am I bashing? IN NO WAY. How can one argue with the intent which I'm striving to be more in line with...that we not have "dream" and "vision" wars...intent on proving someone right or wrong...not uplifting and learning together?

Here me! [b]I too am at fault and seek to set that right![/b] May the tone of every posting and reply not end NOR be filled with a majority of accusation or words of offense.

The World attacks us enough...why should the Army of GOD also shoot our own wounded?

Are our titles of Apostle, Preacher, Teacher, Evangilist SO SACRED that we have to beat back those who are sincerely learning and mean no harm? Is prophecy such a "sacred cloth" that we take someone's disagreement with our vision as "they are "running from truth" or implying that "You aren't reading the WORD correctly"

No one is so uneducated to miss the tones which are ever increasing...which seek to be understood first...and not to understand first.

As with the Rambling Prophetic thread, I will end here and return to posting devotionals. I stepped out of the devotional forum to see the rest of SI...and am going back to Devotions.

CHeck out how many views of my poems there are on average. 30? 40? Then the prophetic thread receives 500+ in just a few days? I am not proud of my posting which, though it sought to drive us to scriptually support our visions and dreams with ONLY what is in context...and in scripture.

Bless you all and thank you for your feedback!


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