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Joined: 2011/4/30
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wow you put a big smil on my face and tears in my eyes when you talked about your first time back in church ,,,,,,,,,and how blessed are you brother ,for god to draw you into his church ,wher john piper teaches ,,im jelous,,,,,,you blessed you ,,,,,,,,,,,sounds like god spirit is working over time in your soul

paul washer was one of the first preachers i ever herd ,apart from benni hin and creflo dollar

he had quite an effect on my soul as well
tho i was allarady bornagain ,still effected me in a great way

may god fill you with is spirit through his baptisim

great to hear your testamony loved reading it

bless you ,,,,,,,,,,brother gary

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Joined: 2011/4/30
Posts: 99


i just read the rest of your posts ,laghing and crying with you joy

i im not sure if i mised somthing ,,,but brother you are born again ,and you are saved ,,,,

all you emotions and experanced you described are that of one who is born again ,,,,,,,,,,your tesamony has given me much joy ,,thank you for that

i love to hear stories of people who come into the presence of god

all i can say is what i do start downloding sermons and bible reading ,or do you own bible readings on a voice recorder ,and keep drinking his word ,,and get rid of that tv if it makes you feel better

keith daniel has some great sermons wher he memorises the bible ,and speaks the unadultrated writtern word of god

pure bible from that man

there are some of his sermons in the rivivle section of the video sermons on this web site ,

also cater conlon has some good sermons with some verry pwerfull praying ,,,,also some of his are in the rivile meetings sections of the video sermons on this web site

bless you brother ,,jesus said my sheep hear my voice and i know them ,and they follow me ,and i give to them eturnal life ,and they shal not perish ,and no man shal pluck them out of my hand

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