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 The Makers Diet?

Does anyone know about Jordan Rubin? I have a co-worker who is sold into this type of health diet. I understand that he uses the old testament to construct our eating habits? Isn't this done away with? If I keep some of the law, don't I need to keep all the law?

I haven't found anything about his teachings and hoping that someone might have discussed this before.


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 Re: The Makers Diet?

At first I thought this was another version of the "Hallelujah Diet" that was popular a few years ago. It was basically a vegan diet that misinterpreted and manipulated scripture. I had friends thats got sucked into the thing and ended up being quite sick, and suffered from a vitamin B-12 deficientcy.

THIS diet however, is not the same thing. Skimming thru articles about it online, it seems to be nothing more than "follow the dietary laws of the OT, and you'll be healthier." Well... duh.

I agree with that. I am a bit of a health nut (tho i do love red meat! Call me Karnivore!). It is a fact that the OT dietary laws are very healthy. We just should not follow them thinking that we are pleasing God in the process. He does not demand that we follow the OT Law, since it was fulfilled in Christ.

Below I have pasted a good, brief description of this diet... and why people should avoid letting this Rubins fellow get his hand in your wallet. Mainly, follow the Biblical guidelines for yourself, and you dont need Mr. Rubins, or his products.

[i]The Maker's Diet created by Jordan S. Rubins is a religious diet that is based on the author's interpretation of Biblical principles. They are: Observe God's dietary laws. Eat any fish with fins and scales but avoid fish or water creatures without them. You should avoid smooth-skinned species such as catfish or eel and hard-shelled crustaceans such as crab, lobster, and clams. You can eat the meat of animals with a cloven or split hoof that also chew the cud such as cows, goats, sheep, oxen, deer, and buffalo. Do not eat pigs, which have divided hooves. They do not chew the cud and are not clean animals.

The Maker’s Diet also focuses on combating insulin, infection, and inflammation. By balancing insulin, the diet is supposed to improve physical, mental, and emotional health. Balancing your blood sugar will also result in sharpening your concentration and enhance your mood, the plan promises. By reducing infection, you will decrease the toxic burden of germs that you encounter. Other benefits promised are decreases in aches and pains and decrease risk factors for such diseases as heart disease and cancer.

As a person who thought he had seen everything in the world of weight loss, the Maker's Diet makes me scratch my head. There are basically few unique diet and weight loss regimens that exist, but within each category (ie. low-fat, low carb, vegetarian, herbal pills) there are hundreds that attempt to re-package and market the basic concepts in a different way. This diet is no different. Just in the marketing of this diet you know it is basically a low-fat, complex carbohydrate diet, which is more-or-less the Food Guide Pyramid.

For me, this diet makes something simple complicated, while infusing religious guilt. And they have plenty of other products to sell you. For me as a Christian it is simple, treat others like you'd like to be treated, and in weight loss, eat balanced nutrition and add exercise to your daily life. Your mind, body and spirit will do great and you'll save money.[/i]


 2008/1/11 10:22

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