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 GOD has purposefully transformed us....

Devotional: Why is it that when I haven’t gone through testing for a short span…that I think my strength is strong enough to withstand future testing? What I mean is whenever I’m put back into the pot of challenge, it isn’t long before my flesh creeps out and reactions and words which are not uplifting to my precious Saviour…are heard. Faith without works is dead. We know this from HIS WORD! Also steadfast purpose and humble accomplishment for HIM without some form of constant testing means that our efforts will show more of self…than of CHRIST. We are fearfully and wonderfully made! We are
purposefully transformed for HIS work! Embrace the tests for they are the tools used to bring our clay into HIS likeness…more every day! Amen and amen!

[u][b][size=medium][color=CC0000]Purposefully Transformed[/color][/size][/b][/u]

The untested soul exudes confident speech
as though “tried” it has been and found – steadfast.
But whenever such flesh is confronted by force,
it is grievous for they should have said less.

For the pressure has broken their paper thin mask
and their actions have proven – distressing.
As such, their proud words lie in pieces…disturbed
then those listening are by their failed testing.

So this soul bends quite low…intent on submitting
to CHRIST and to others who trust in this frame.
Thus, no pride fills this vessel for actions directed
by HE whose indwelling examines and trains!

Hence, up to HIS wheel, these steps move with zeal…
as clay which is formless yet desperate for form…
till after HIS trying by fire, Self stands firmly –
steadfast – doing that for which I…was transformed!

As HIS servant in your service,
WVW Jasnoch 1/5/08


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