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 From the Church of Smyrna to the Global Chruch

I read [url=]this letter[/url] at, I never heard of this happening until today and figured that there were many others who haven't heard of it either. I pray that we all trust God to take the next step in our walks with Christ, whatever that may be.

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Joined: 2006/9/11
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North Pole, Alaska

 Re: From the Church of Smyrna to the Global Chruch

Anyone have any comments? I'm interested as to what your impressions are when you read this account. Did anyone hear of this before today?

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 Re: Did anyone hear of this before today?


Yes the account of this came out in Voice of the Martyrs shortly after it happened and also picked up the story and it was one of their headlines. You make check their archives around the original date and get a much more detailed report regarding it.

The impression at the time was/is, but for the Grace of God, it would be happening here... and I mean literally here. We have a very strong and vocal Muslim community here. I happened to have responded to an editorial piece in our local paper a few years back that was titled "Islam, a Religion of Peace". I shortly thereafter got a correspondence from the local university that I am an alumni of and it started a dialogue of email exchanges that lasted over a year.Edit to add that the correspondence was with a professor at the universtiy and with the local iman. They were somewhat friendly and subdued at first, but as I began to quote from their Koran and the Hadiths refuting their thesis and then trying to reach out to them with the Gospel, some of those corresponding got quite hostile... soooo...
Who knows what will happen in the future in this country. If proclaim that Jesus Christ is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE...we are bound for persecutions just as soon as those who refuse to accept this feel they have the power and backing to persecute. And if they are true to their Koran and Hadiths, they will do it period, because that is FUNDAMENTALLY what their Koran and Hadiths teach them to do... not the modernized and toned down for public consumption version, used to proselytize and deceive, but what Mohammed truly taught and what many of their sects truly practice....

anyway... probably more response than you asked for and needed, but this is a subject that I have put a lot of time into and one that most definitely Christians NEED to study. There is hope through prayer that some who are enemies to the Gospel, like Saul of Tarsus, may yet become Paul's and show to us, as some have already what it means to be sold out to Jesus Christ.


Clint Thornton

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"If the world hates you, be aware that it hated
me before it hated you. Because you do not belong
to the world, but I have chosen you out of the
world--therefore the world hates you."
"Indeed, an hour is coming when those who kill
you will think that by doing so they are
offering worship to God."
From John 15:18-20
John 16:2

Martin G. Smith

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