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 Crucified and Buried with HIM to walk in Newness of Life

Romans 6:4 says Therefore we were buried with HIM through baptism into death, that just as CHRIST was raised from the dead by the glory of the FATHER even so we should also walk in newness of life.

Crucify- to put to death
Buried- to have done with
Resurrected- to bring to use again

What happened to the old time ways of GOD where repentance had the power to change peoples lives? When a man is crucified he dies. When you die you're dead. Dead to the flesh, your passions and your desires. We should no longer consider them. When we come to the Cross and meet with CHRIST it should make a difference. People should notice a change. When we walk into the room they shouldn't notice us but JESUS CHRIST. We should be transformed into HIS image. We should be a mirror reflection. It is offensive when we come acknowledging HIM as SAVIOR and refuse to die. HE has paid too great a price. We could restate that to who are we to think we can come to CHRIST through recognizing HIS blood sacrifice and think we don't have a price, a cost to take up HIS cross in exchange and follow HIM WHEREVER that may lead. We can therefore no longer live to ourselves but for CHRIST. We need to embrace, welcome readily and gladly, HIS cross. We need to be on a crusade for HIM with much zeal and enthusiasm. We shouldn't have a foot in the world and a foot in the Kingdom but be passionate about HIM. The modern day church refuses to submit to HIS LORDSHIP instead thinking HE is a genie to come to for blessing without bending their knee. How ludicrous! We need to dethrone self and make HIM LORD. In humbling ourselves we need to recognize that we are nothing but HE is everything. We should be willing to pay a price to live for HIM which might include ridicule and mockery. To have a REAL realtionship with HIM we must be radically broken. We can't afford to play games anymore. This is not a cheap gospel HIS blood flowed from HIS side as HE died for us. How can we turn away? We should find great joy in serving CHRIST. We need to go running to the cross my friend begging GOD for forgiveness about how we have treated HIS precious grace so carelessly allowing HIM to work this death into our lives so we might rise to HIS purposes. AMEN

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 Re: Crucified and Buried with HIM to walk in Newness of Life

Sis, this is very good.
I've had a thought permeating my thoughts for two days now.
It seems that, when we seek anything more than "Just Him" out of our relationship with Him, things get disanimated.
We're born with "me" on the brain and come to Christ looking for what He can do for 'us'.
Even in desiring talents, gifts, wants or needs supplied, dreams fulfilled - it can be so self-centered, rather that Him-centered - where His Glory is our only desire.
When it's only for His Glory -- most of the time, we don't gain any of the attention from whatever it is.
It may be very possible, that we need to rekindle our First Love every day or several times a day - which diminishes self-love - until all we want in this life is Him & for His Glory and not a thing more for ourselves.
Your post said it well enough.
thank you!

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Yes, every day we need to die and rekindle our First Love. Perhaps hourly. If we don't the flame too quickly goes down . I would encourage people to get on their knees or even lay prostrate before HIM. I would encourage people to start fasting and if you fast fast more often or add something new so you are making a sacrifice. There is a humbling and brokenness that comes through these things. That is only a good place to be because then HE can pour HIS fragrance out of our lives to others. Another good thing I read the other day is to wear your watch on the opposite arm, wear a piece of jewelry if you dont usually wear jewelry and then when your attention is drawn to it pray a prayer of death to self and telling GOD how much you love HIM and want HIM in your life. I think HE is worth every death I have died as I have made an effort to become more like HIM. If we think about all the fasting and laying prostrate that is done in other religions how can we not do better considering who our GOD is. AMEN

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 Re: Crucified and Buried with HIM to walk in Newness of Life

Donna, I just read this after posting Wholly Submitted....same wavelength...same message. Awesome!


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