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 Hope Received

Hi people,

Here is some what the Lord has done in my wife and I's life.

I asked the Lord one day, “why do I see such lack of love and unity among God’s children?” The answer I received was, “because there is lack of love and unity in My children’s homes.” Revival starts in the heart and in the home.
When I was 15, I had become a hard core agnostic. Then I became suicidal. This is a bad combo. I came to the brilliant conclusion that if I killed myself then I wouldn’t have to be in pain anymore. I was at peace. I spent the next week figuring out how I would do it. I settled on a 60-foot hemp rope that my brother and I owned. A 50 foot freefall would surely snap my neck and maybe sever my head but I would be dead. About 4am I snuck out of the house and walked to the river where a huge sycamore tree grew out over the water. I climbed up about 70 feet and secured the rope to a branch and my neck. There was no fear or anxiety. I was happy. For some reason before I was about to jump I said: “Hey God! if you’re there let me know because I’m outta here”. Something happened. I didn’t feel anything or hear anything but something inside me came alive. The Lord carved three truths into my heart and my mind.
1 There is a God
2 He loves me
3 The Holy Bible is true
I could not deny these three things. I was ecstatic! I could finally believe something that I couldn’t see or feel. I could not deny these three truths even if I chose not to follow Him.
From then on I chose to follow Jesus with all my strength. By the time I was 18 I knew everything there was to know about the Kingdom of God. I even believed that I was God’s favorite person alive on earth. I was proud of how humble I had become.
Then I met my wife. We didn’t go out on dates but I took her to church with me several times. It was a 1970’s on fire for God Church.
She got saved and filled with the Spirit and was given the gift of prophecy. I didn’t really like her and I wasn’t attracted to her but she liked me a whole lot. Then I got another brilliant idea. If I married her then I could have God talk to me every day. I could tolerate living with her just to hear God. What a trade-off. I asked her to marry me and she said yes. We were both 18 years old. She became pregnant with twins. By now I realized that I could hear from God even if I hadn’t married her. I was mad at God. Real mad. I felt like He could have stopped me from this tragedy. I gave her my word for better or for worse so I was stuck with my decision. It would be cruel to leave a teenager with two babies. I couldn’t kill her because I was a Christian. Then I got another brainstorm. (aren’t I brilliant?) God could kill her. He is allowed to kill anybody He wants to. I prayed feverishly for two years for God to take her home. She had an awful pregnancy and spent six months in the hospital because it was a high risk pregnancy. when the babies were born I was bitterly disappointed that she survived. After two years of listening to nonsense from me, I finally got the answer. It was a simple NO!
I was frantic. I finally resolved myself to my fate. I would have to wait until I grew old and died to get out of my marriage. I might live to be eighty. Meanwhile an Angel of the Lord told my wife to stay with me. I was nice to her. It wasn’t her fault and I didn’t blame her for my stupidity. The people at Church thought that I was totally cool and wondered what my wife's big problem was. When she was six months pregnant with our daughter we were invited to a Christian Marriage Renewal weekend at a Holiday Inn by a couple at the Church. It was free and someone volunteered to watch the twins.
Also a couple that we will never meet until we get to heaven volunteered to pray and fast for us the entire weekend.
I knew I was the one with the problem, not my wife. I read the scripture “Husband love your wife”. There was no love or desire there. There never was. I asked the Lord to put that love in my heart so that I could be obedient to the Word.
I didn’t expect anything to happen and I found the lectures terribly burdensome. Most of these couples had fallen in love at one time.
When we were instructed to be alone by ourselves and commune with God something happened. In a brief moment t (less than two seconds) the Father let me see her through His eyes. I cannot describe accurately with words what I saw. I saw the compassion He had for her. I saw how precious she was to Him. I was instantly in awe that He even trusted me with someone so valuable to Him. I was honored to be her husband. I never to this day have seen anything as beautiful. The glimpse wasn’t even in color. It was black and white!
This was in 1980. Somebody we never saw fasted and prayed for us and the fruit remains today.

With Love

Mr and Mrs ironwood

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