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 Nails snatched


My closest friend Pastor Wilson Fazal from Queeta, Pakistan, was kidnapped by some unknown people.
God was using him very strongly in Queeta.
We have worked a lot together. He was our host when we were doing outreach work among Gentiles.

After few days they sent him back. They had snatched out his nails. He was mentally tortured. Bad injuries on his body. He is not able to recognize his own children.
He is now in Lahore Hospital, He is in a very bad condition.
Please, pray for him. We will appreciate your prayers.

In Christ,
AOG Church Peshawar

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Lars Widerberg

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 Re: Nails snatched

Lord Jesus,

please forgive we American Christians for complaining about our so called persecution ... How that someone we gave a tract to cursed us, and ripped it into shreds in front of us, and tossed it in the air ... Or that we had to take public transportation because our car broke down ... Or that we can only afford steak once a week ... Or that sister or brother so-in-so spoke ill of us behind our back ... Or that the price of gas is killing us because of our SUV ... Or, that ... well Lord you see what I mean ...

Jesus some in Your Body are suffering REAL PERSECUTION such as our courageous brother Pastor Wilson Fazal, in the hell hole of Pakistan ... Please heal, sustain, care and keep him and his loved ones Lord ... And may he not suffer any more abuse at the hands of his persecutors Father ...

But whatever your continued will for his life is Jesus, may he be fortified as strong as Paul and Stephen at their stonings, and may nothing but glory come to your most holy name from one so devout ...

In your precious name Lord Jesus, and in the power and might of the Holy Spirit, and of your most holy blood shed at Calvary's cross I call it done! ... Amen, and Amen, and Amen

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and Amen

matthew bauer

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