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 Stepping into Leadership while Holding the Fort

Hey gang,

First of all, I hope and pray that everyone here at SI has had a safe nd wonderful Christmas. For this year, having a little bit of extra money saved, I decided to invest it in purchasing gifts for those in my immediate fellowship that would help sow the seeds for personal revival according to what I saw as legitimate spiritual needs in a person's walk with Christ (e.g., evangelism materials, theology textbooks, pastoral helps, teaching audio, etc). So far the feedback has been very encouraging. :-)

My main prayer request is that a large portion within my small-group will be away during January for various reasons, cutting a group down from a dozen regulars to five with myself as the appointed leader. During this time, my pastor along with two of my brothers in Christ will be travelling to south-East Asia for Missions.
While I'm absolutely positive that this will be an excellent opportunity for my brothers to "step outside the box" in such a way that ministering in a 3rd-world context will bring about greater passion and conviction for the things of God, can I please ask for prayer for myself and my church remaining behind?

Since Christmas Eve, God has really been placing a heavy burden on my heart to pray for local revival. There have been times during the past week when after fasting a meal, I'd simply lock myself in my bedroom with my head between my knees both confessing sins that the Spirit would reveal as well ask asking for a greater outpouring. I honestly don't want my brothers' missions, the personal growth of those in my fellowship as well as my own intercession to be in vain.

Thanks in advance!

Benjamin Valentine

 2007/12/28 8:26Profile

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