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Joined: 2004/12/19
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Germany ( Erlangen)

 The Making of a Man of God

Hello ,
I first of all whish you ahppy new year to all of you.

I believe much of you are books reader and after reading many biography or theological book you come to some conclusion.
And my question is What make somebody a man of God ?
How to be a Man of God call by God , doing the Work of God as such people like David Wilkerson, A w Tozer , David Brainerd Leonard Ravenhill ....

I Will appreciate to read in your answer books where i can continue my personnal study to growth and i will also appreciate your prayer that God should lead me and guide me .

Thank you very much :-)

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Southern California

 Re: The Making of a Man of God

Hey glaubemann,


As I read your post, I immediately thought of Alan Redpath's book, "The Making of a man of God: studies in the life of David." I highly recommend it to you.

Have a blessed New Year.


 2007/12/26 12:11Profile

Joined: 2004/12/19
Posts: 30
Germany ( Erlangen)


am so greatfull for the reply i just bought the books with also the The Godly Man Picture from John Owen.
Hope to receive much title that will strenghten my faith and my walk with God
Thank you
I Appreciate your reply may God Bless

 2007/12/26 16:40Profile

 Re: The Making of a Man of God

Hello Brother Glaubemann, good to see you and a very Happy new year to you and yours also.

I thought you may also enjoy Chip Brogden.

His sermons are here ...

And his website is

He has also put up a website, just for T. Austin Sparks.

I very much like R.A. Torrey. His sermons are here on SI also.

I'm not a 'man' of God, but I appreciate also the names you have mentioned in your first post.

Lord Bless you.
Your sis

 2007/12/26 19:26

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