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 A question I have a bit a confusion about?

I am a bit confused about how we are to function in this earthly kingdom as citizens of the heavenly Kingdom. For instance here are 2 examples:

1.Passivism; if we live by the sword we will die by it. If we were of this earthly Kingdoms the servants would fight. Yet who wouldn't protect there child if a thief came in the house? Does that mean we are not to go to war as a loyal citizen? It seem the centurion's were never told to repent of being soldier's, and so goes on the story. Maybe it just depends on our calling?

2.Business; how can we do business in a corrupt market. If we buy from a big company they may have sweatshop's. If we start a business we may have to buy products from a corrupt business. Even if we just fish or something we still have to sell to corrupt buyers who may have got there money in a sinful way. So what are we to do. Paul made tents. Daniel worked in the government but he never compromised. Paul would probably sell to sinners but I am sure he would not sell to a cold blooded murderer so is there somewhere that we draw the line?

Your response would be very helpful thanks.

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 Re: A question I have a bit a confusion about?

davidt, Paul was also faced with this like you and me.
Paul said" salute the saint in ceasar's household" and "when purchasing in the market dont ask questions for concious sake"
The saints working for ceasar were almost working for the devil.
It is difficult in the business world and we all i'm sure have compromised in the name of a "profit"
To walk without spot and totally clean takes some doing. And this we will do[with Gods help}
I use to sell cars and I started praying for the car. I would tell them "give me your hand" and would pray on the spot with them. Do you know after hundreds of cars sold nobody ever said anything but thank you!
And when I closed my dealership I never had a complaint filed against me in the dmv.
Ask the Lord about"not looking too deeply into dealing with business"
He will show you where to draw the line.
Otherwise we will all have to become monks.

concerning serving in the military......I just dont know......But some are warriors and some are not.
Ipersonally am glad not to speak japaneese, german, or chineese


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I guess we just have to go into something that is bad and do good. Not living in luxury because by that we would be feeding off of something that is founded on blood. But, living with necessities and moderation.

What an odd thing it is though for Daniel to serve the Kingdom of the Chaldean's and so on and make them prosper. A wicked nation yet a nation ordained by God for His purposes. Hmm, I guess we would just need to do the Lord's will.

Any other thoughts on this subject?

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