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 Man of Peace (Tony Blair) joins the Catholic Church

This move was widely rumoured (along with his future diplomatic role - which has sunk right out of all our news stories), long before Mr Blair left office as Prime Minister. He had had a private audience with the Pope, last year, before he left office.

[url=]Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has left the Anglican Church to become a Roman Catholic. [/url]

I recognise now, the years of his premiership were quietly marked by the establishment of religion as a matter of which all were entitled their own private practice.

In their announcement Radio 4 news mention several differences between the Catholic Church and policies supported by Mr Blair the politician.


It remains to be seen whether the Private Member's Bill presently under construction, by which the law against the Monarch choosing a Roman Catholic spouse, would be repealed.

For those who do not know that this is afoot, there has been such a cultivation of the indiscriminate acceptance of other people's belief systems, that even many Members of Parliament may not understand the implications if this law is ever passed.

Our Monarch, who is the Head of the Church of England is a 'protestant' and, I believe she is a believer. Her title in this respect is 'Defender of the Faith'. (Not wishing to be controversial, but whatever we think about this arrangement is irrelevant as God has allowed it to persist for over three hundred years and it has brought great peace to our United Kingdom.) The heir, Prince Charles, has declared that he would wish this to be changed to 'Defender of the Faiths' - the meaning of which is an extreme departure from Her Majesty's role.

Note: a Private Member's Bill is a way for a lone Member of Parliament to introduce a suggestion for a law or a change to a law. It is usually a simple thing on which general cross-party agreement is not difficult to obtain. For this reason, although it is allocated time for debate this is very short, and the law either stands or falls. Of course, it has been drafted by experts, so there is no problem with wording, legality (and so on). What is under discussion always, is the idea, and how and who it will help. There is no formal request that I know of, from the Queen's household, that this law be introduced... but it is on a back-burner somewhere in the system. I should pray more.

 2007/12/22 17:34

 Re: Man of Peace (Tony Blair) joins the Catholic Church

Blair went from Bad to Worse it seems.

 2008/1/1 14:59


A leader such as Blair can do one of two things, as any leader, follow God's precepts and wisdom urge all the other leaders to do the same, urge other leaders to allow the all people to do what they think is right in their own eyes. Actually their could be one more. Let the Pope ignore such a great of salvation and also change God's precepts and wisdom as time goes by to fit the present culture. Unfortunately the Pope is not the only one has that concept.

 2008/1/2 7:32


I still love the British News Services most.

BBC nightly here.

Thought some may need some comic relief to end the day.

These three were [i]different[/i] -

[url=,0,7285117.story]Some fun with numbers[/url]

[url=]Quite an image.[/url]

[url=]Nutter or Catholic?[/url]

Good Nite fellow Aspens. ;-)

 2008/1/13 0:56

 Re: Man of Peace (Tony Blair) joins the Catholic Church

Hi Annie,

This is a link to the BBC's business news blog. Apparently a US bank is engaging Mr Blair as a consultant.

[url=]Blair's $5m


 2008/1/14 9:25

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