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 Pharaohs or Fathers? Spiritual Authority - It's Uses and Abuses by David Ravenhill

[b]Pharaohs or Fathers? Spiritual Authority - It's Uses and Abuses[/b]
[i]by David Ravenhill[/i]

Pharaohs have slaves
Pharaohs command
Pharaohs dominate
Pharaohs dictate
Pharaohs destroy and demean
Pharaohs remove
Pharaohs restrain
Pharaohs manipulate
Pharaohs emasculate
Pharaohs whip
Pharaohs want results
Pharaohs build great cities
Pharaohs are hardhearted
Pharaohs fear success
Pharaohs want servants
Pharaohs prey on slaves
Slaves die for pharaohs
Slaves work out of fear
Slaves work out of duty
Slaves remain slaves
Slaves loathe pharaohs
Slaves are discouraged
Slaves receive reproval
Slaves grow to hate & hurt
Slaves have numbers
Slaves celebrate pharaohs death
Slaves escape
Slaves sigh

Fathers have sons
Fathers counsel
Fathers liberate
Fathers communicate
Fathers discipline
Fathers restore
Fathers release
Fathers motivate
Fathers propagate
Fathers weep
Fathers want relationship
Fathers build great sons
Fathers are tenderhearted
Fathers foster success
Fathers are servants
Fathers prey for sons
Fathers die for sons
Sons work out of faith
Sons work out of devotion
Sons develop into fathers
Sons love fathers
Sons are encouraged
Sons receive approval
Sons grow to heal & help
Sons have names
Sons commiserate a fathers death
Sons return
Sons sing

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