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 Monthly HTML Newsletter - About


[b]Monthly HTML Newsletter - About[/b]
An important outreach of the SermonIndex ministry is the monthly mailout that currently in May 2004 is going out to over 5000+ pastors, leaders, and laypeople. This is a ministry tool that allows for many people to stay in touch with the SermonIndex ministry and see recommeded resources each month. The newsletter is just not thrown together in hast but is prayerfully costructed that it may provide an effectual result in the viewers spirit. I do not boast in knowing the mind of the Lord in every situation but it is hoped that there is somewhat of a divine touch to the newsletter and I am believing that God will speak to many people in an powerful and potent way.

The recommended sermon is one out of 1000's that really is speaking to our Christian condition in the here and now. The messages chosen are usually more generalized and the aim of them is usually towards the entire body of Christ even though its spoken in a local venue to a small gathering of people. It is my highest recommendation as the moderator of this mailing list that you take seriously the contents and provide time to puruse them for your spiritual benefit as they come once each month. I realize many people especially in ministry are very busy but it is refreshing to recieve a spiritual enduement so that you may be more equipped to serve with a fervor and freshness as a result of being in communion with the Lord Jesus Christ.

In every mailout there are links to the forums section of SermonIndex where you can actively respond with your feedback, thoughts, and even praise reports on how the Lord spoke to you. Also as specified on every mailout it is recommended that you forward the mailout to others that don't know about this ministry so that they may also be blessed. I am praying that the Lord blesses and grows this ministry outlet in His timing. It is very exciting that with this technology an email send out to 100'000's is a very possible reality.

If you do not already do so please commit to praying for this ministry and become more involved as SermonIndex spreads the word of God and a message of genuine revival to the world.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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