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 UFO's again

Is it just me or is the media getting back into the UFO conspiracy mode again (kinda like the 50' & the early 90's) ?
Whether it exists or not it seems rather strange that its never reported as demonic activity,

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 Re: UFO's again

but then there would have to be an admission that there is a spiritual world...and no one is going to do that.


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 Re: UFO's again

Your post reminds me of something I heard many years ago - perhaps 20 years.

We had at our church a retired college professor* who took a scientific interest in UFOs. He presented his findings at our church and you could sense the feeling that:"Now this is different!"

This is what he did: he was on the alert to UFO sighting reports. Some landed on soil. He took a detector of some kind and scanned the area where this UFO had landed. The readings indicated that a foreign object had indeed landed there because of the signals he picked up. He was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that there were some unexplained vehicles out there but what they were he did not know although he did reference Ezekiel 1 in his sermon. A Biblical case could be made for this if you study the OT prophets...

*(BTW: this professor was Ernest Gehman who taught at Eastern Mennonite College for many years.)

Have fun!


Sandra Miller

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