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Joined: 2007/6/7
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

 How can I find this again

Where is the passion
Where is the fire
A heart set aflame with a holy desire

A heart that sings praises to Him without end…
Tell me how can I find this again?

Can I cry out to You?
Will You still hear?
How I long for the days when I knew You were near

How I miss Your sweet Presence
The peace that You bring
Tell me how can I find this again?

On my knees with hands raised
I will cry out Your name
Trusting Your promise is true

And I’ll wait here until I know
My prayer is heard
And then I’ll come running to You

To rejoice in Your Presence
To sing praise to You
I’ll come with thanksgiving and then..

I will bow at Your throne
And worship alone
The One who has found me again


 2007/12/8 22:13Profile

Joined: 2006/8/1
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West Monroe, LA

 Re: How can I find this again

What a BEAUTIFULLY expressed cry of the heart.

That makes at least two that are hungering for more of God in this state :-). I am confident that there are more.

I expressed a similar desire in another post(thread) a few days ago but in plain prose, and have stayed away for a few days to seek what this site is about: Revival.

God send it to LA (Louisiana... the other L A as well), and the rest of our country...


Clint Thornton

 2007/12/8 22:38Profile

Joined: 2007/6/27
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Omaha, NE

 Re: How can I find this again

God hears the cries of your heart, He knows
your longings. The Spirit wooes you, so
tenderly to draw closer to the Vine, where
your life is hid with Christ in God.
I so appreciate your poetry. Reminds me of
Keith Green's "My Eyes are dry" :-D

Martin G. Smith

 2007/12/9 14:02Profile

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