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 His Grand Design

1 Corinthians 1:26-31
2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Gods standards and values are different from those accepted by the world. He wants us to live lives of transparency and vulnerability reaching out to those in need. This is the message of the Gospel when we are vulnerable Christ can be seen more clearly. The word thorn communicates the idea of pain, trouble, suffering, humiliation or physical infirmities. It is permitted yet limited by God. Our thorns kep us dependent in greater measure on divine grace. The grace that Jesus is sufficient for you talks about Gods presence, favor & power. This grace will come upon those who accept their weaknesses and difficulties for the Gospels sake. The greater our weaknesses and trials the more grace God will give us to accomplish His will. What He gives us is always enough to live our daily lives, to work for Him and to endure our sufferings and thorns in the flesh. We should glory and see eternal value in our weaknesses for they cause the power of God to rest upon us. God wants brokenness to prepare us for the plans He has for our lives. It is a work only He can do but we must humbly submit to His grand design for our lives.

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 Re: His Grand Design

Very true, sister! Were it not for the pains in life, none could define what Joy is...being its opposite. Were it not for gravity pressing against us constantly...then we would not be able to stand nor serve in HIS presence. Without the trials and pains of life, we would soon forget HE who designed, formed, created and purposed us. As such, all things DO work together for good! Amen and amen


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 Re: His Grand Design

Yes, it is His grand design that we be
conformed to His likeness; the likeness
of His Beloved Son. God will mold us
and shape us with discipline and suffering;
yet always tempered with His grace!! :-)

Martin G. Smith

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