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 Pope offers relief from purgatory

[b]Pope offers relief from purgatory[/b]

Pope Benedict XVI is offering relief from purgatory to Roman Catholics who travel to Lourdes over the next year, the Vatican said yesterday.

Pilgrims to the shrine in south-west France will receive "plenary indulgences" from the Pontiff, which the Church says reduce the time spent being "washed" of sin after death. The indulgences will be available from this weekend until Dec 8, 2008.

The Church teaches that people who do not go directly to heaven must spend time in purgatory, where they can be purified of residual sin. ...

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 Re: Pope offers relief from purgatory

There is indeed nothing new under the sun. In spite of all our "progress" and "enlightenment" I suppose things really have not changed since the 1400's when Martin Luther was crying out against such heresy.


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Sickening. I suppose it's an unanswerable question, but does the Pope believe this stuff too? Or is it just a racket for him?

I'm sometimes afraid he actually believes it, but then I wonder where he come up with his locations for indulgences?

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