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Joined: 2006/12/11
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El Paso, Texas


Hey rowdy2,

I do not doubt your salvation, and works has nothing to do with it.

My points were merely an attempt to provoke a greater learning and understanding of the text you mentioned. I run across hundreds of people who are formulated around all kinds of interpretations of things. My goal with anyone is not to tear down, but again to provoke...

...Have you ever considered, what if you are wrong? When the things of the first 20 chapters begin to come to pass, will you be ready and prepared for them?

Do you know that most of the first 20 chapters are not in chronological order? Scholars don't even know which order they are supposed to be in, but they do know that they are out of order.

There are some things that we should know before we formulate a concrete belief.

Does your belief cause in you an avid pursuit of Christ so that you are ready for the end of the earth? If it does, then by all means continue in it, but be pliable enough that if the things written begin to happen you are willing to change view points.

I am most sincere in what I have said, and I apologize if my intentions were misgiven by myself.

Benjamin Williams

 2007/12/10 15:57Profile

Joined: 2007/1/21
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Southern USA


Hello Ben

Reply to BenWilliams,

Sir I think I see where you are coming from and agree we are our brothers keeper and I am thankful that there are moderators and someone like you who knows how to provoke anyone who posts on this site and I am not offended in the least because the people who read post on the forum are dear to me also.

Ben wrote. The first 20 chapters are not in chronological order.

Eddie I’ve always heard that but I don’t know.

Ben wrote ..Have you ever considered, what if you are wrong? When the things of the first 20 chapters begin to come to pass, will you be ready and prepared for them?

Eddie Yes, but there are is no preparing for the wrath of God other than salvation.

Ben please bear with me and think of the nations and peoples living in outer darkness today.
Can you remember when you were controlled by the beastly desires of the flesh.

I have only been a Christian seven years and can still remember the spiritual horror, desolation, fear, and the self loathing shame and guilt of being a prodical son and a enemy of God. I had the spirit of antichrist and was controlled by fleshly demons of fleshly desires, greed, lust and covetousness. I remember that old accuser, my conscience accusing me day and night, day and night. I can still remember having no peace and my afflictions were heavy and there was no hope and I had no Jesus.

Ben call it heaven, Sabbath, rest, garden, Canaan land, your choice, I’ve used all at one time or another to describe the peace, love and charity in my soul and have been instructed not to take no thought for the morrow.


 2007/12/10 20:55Profile

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