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Krispy, this topic was covered in a thread a while ago, (Compton posted the link) and if I recall, it raised a few eyebrows back then. (Mind you, cautions are not bad!)

Some considerations:

1. Is God ever satisfied with ANYTHING we do for him reluctantly or under obligation (ex to appease guilt, win God’s favor, etc) – in other words, for any reason other than WANTING to?

2. The reference to “doing what you want” is normally associated with selfishness, and so many may have difficulty attributing that idea to true godliness.

3. Some equate “want” (desire) with sin, and so falsely assume that if you suppress all wanting, you can also suppress sin. Isn’t that a Buddhist teaching?

4. God sure took a gigantic risk by giving Adam and Eve the freedom to want. Why did he do that? Does that relate with this topic?

5. I agree with those who point out that your theology (a good word) rests on the foundation of grasping the meaning of "loving God" and living it in reality.



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The more I learn about myself, the more I love God. It bemuses me how God could love a sinner like me.

The work of the cross was God's greatest act in my opinion. In Christ we have a wonderful Saviour!

[i]God manifest in flesh, oh wonder to behold

Creative power within the breast that felt the blast of cold.

God in our likeness made, oh may we understand

The One who made the wondering worlds appears as lowly man

He stood within the realm He fashioned with a thought,'

His creatures gazed upon Him; alas they knew Him not,

They cried out for His blood, His claims cast down as dross,

They spat upon His princely face, then nailed Him to a cross.

But He made the tree for that cross of wood.

He made the hill on which it stood,

And in some hidden vein of land

He made the steel that pierced each hand;

He made the sun which hid its face;

He made the fathers of that race

Who, in their hatred knew Him not.

He made the fiends with which He fought

And there, in death, He made a way Back to Himself


Pastor Willie Mullan (1911-1980)[/i]


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