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 Too Busy?

As you have noticed I feature a quote and speaker at the top of the site on the header and that changes every month. For the Month of May I featured R.A. Torrey and I have been trying to deal with his quote all month long in my spirit:

[b]"We are too busy to pray and so we are too busy to have power. We have a great deal of activity, but we accomplish little; many services but few conversions; much machinery but few results."[/b]
[i]-R.A. Torrey[/i]

There is an echo of truth in his words that when meditated upon really open up the falseness of our walk in Christ. Are we doing things for God but not doing things with Him? Are we getting our power from God or are we using our own abilities and capabilites to get the job done? If we work within the realm of our ability then we do [b]not[/b] need faith, faith is for the impossible for the things you can't see or grasp. There have been quite a few hardware problems and problems with servers this month and the more I have thought and prayed of how far SermonIndex has gotten the more I realize its nothing that I could have done on my own, it did take faith. And I pray that in the future God would continue to give me faith to pray and expect the impossible to become reality for this ministry.

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 Re: Too Busy?

One quote i like (and there are many!) is that people are substituting "doing" for "being".


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I think I very often substitute doing for being, though I do not consider doing an acceptable substitute, simply sometimes the only one available.

Being is very difficult, sometimes seemingly (or actually) impossible. To change one's heart or desires, to have the emotions and such one knows one should have... how? But doing, practically complying with the principles one knows in one's head, and hoping and praying that one's heart be similarly informed and one's being brought into alignment with the will of God... I don't think I know any other way.

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 Re: Too Busy?

B = Burdened
U = Under
S = Satan's
Y = Yoke

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 Re: Too busy

I heard someone say or perhaps I read it my brain is a wee bit tired but it was rather profound. They said that we often substitute doing things for intimacy with Christ. In other words, because we fear this intimacy with Jesus we become like Martha, rather than just being as Mary did.

I know at times I've done that in my life but no more. If I can't spend enough time with him in prayer and in the Word, I won't speak or do whatever is asked but when I have spent a lot of time, I speak His mind, His heart. I readily see the difference when I hear people speak or share their relationship with Christ.

Draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to thee. Our relationship with Jesus is more important than anything we'll ever do for Him and out of this intimacy will come the fire or comfort or whatever God wants it to be for whatever service he requires.

Ed Pugh

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Amen brother.

I find that I can get so busy these days. I really need to get my priorities straight. For example I used to spend ages trying to keep my accounts, with putting in receipts etc, which was very time consuming. But while it is prudent there are far more important things in life. I could spend this time in prayer, bible or spending time with my wife etc.

I can say that for a long time I have been holding back in my christian life, always looking at the problems and not at Christ and his sufficiency.

Keith Daniels sermon about a 'quiet time' was a blessing, and thank God I have had a time in prayer of varying degrees everyday since then. I have always been so up and down, I just pray that I can keep this, because then Christ will take over as I submit to him.

Bless you brothers and sisters.


Nick Edwards

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 Re: Too Busy?

Well, may God continue to give you the encouragement, strength, hope, faith, and support you need to keep doing this ministry.

You know, no matter how much we try to do as far as ministering, praying, and witnessing to others, at times when we don't seem to see any evidence with our eyes that anybody has been effected by all our effort, know that it's NOT a waste of time. Even if we don't get the answers we want, when we want them, like it's been mentioned, it's more important to [b]be[/b] with God than to just [b]do[/b] things for Him. I remember hearing taught before that God cares more about the process than the destination. No time spent with God is done in vein. Even if we don't get rewarded here on earth or see the results of our faithfulness in this life, eternity with God will be more than well worth it all! Please take heart and know that God cares and listens to all your concerns and the cries and desires of your heart. He will ALWAYS be faithful! May God bless you!

Yolanda Fields

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