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 Five sharp stings! -watson

[b]Five sharp stings![/b]

(Thomas Watson, "A Divine Cordial" 1663)

Many love sin, more than God. "They are haters of
God, insolent, proud, and boastful. They are forever
inventing new ways of sinning." (Romans 1:30)

What is there in sin—that any should love it?

Sin is a debt. "Forgive us our debts" (Matthew 6:12).
Sin is a debt which binds over to the wrath of God!
And will you love sin? Does any man love to be in debt?

Sin is a disease. "The whole head is sick" (Isaiah 1:5).
And will you love sin? Will any man hug a disease? Will
he love his plague sores?

Sin is a pollution. The apostle calls it "filthiness" (James
1:21). It is compared to leprosy and to poison of asps!

God's heart rises against sinners. "My soul loathed
them!" (Zechariah 11:8).

Sin is a hideous monster. Lust makes a man brutish;
malice makes him devilish! What is in sin to be loved?
Shall we love deformity?

Sin is an enemy. It is compared to a
"serpent". Sin has five sharp stings:

Will a man love that which seeks his death?
Surely then it is better to love God than sin.
God will save you—but sin will damn you!
Is he not a fool—who loves damnation!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

But love to God will never let sin thrive in the heart.
The love of God withers sin. The flower of love kills the
weed of sin! How should we labor for that grace of love
to God—which is the only corrosive to destroy sin!

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