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 Need prayer.

Brothers and sisters,

as you know from my other thread about leaving my home church due to CGM and seeker sensitive methods. It has turned into something that I hoped it wouldn't. I received an email from one of the pastors that was pretty condescending. (I posted it on original thread) I responded back kindly and to the point. He then came back somewhat defensive, so now the senior pastor heard about it and wants to meet with me in a couple of weeks. I agreed to meeting.

What is painful is that my sunday school leader told others why I left, I choose not to tell anyone in pastoral ministry why I was leaving, I only did so because I knew they wouldn't change and could cause problems. I was dissappointmented in that they didn't come to me directly, only to another person, and there is know way for me to tell what really went on in their discussion. You know how people think they can interpret how you feel!

So please pray for me that I will know what to say and not to say.


 2007/11/30 18:43

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 Re: Need prayer.

Will be in prayer brother literally went thru same thing in june.Art katz said in a sermon "God will always answer the man!" And HE will.
in Christ,

rick H.

 2007/12/1 0:00Profile

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I will be praying for you as well. These situations are not fun, but needed for growth on all sides.

Remember that these men are just Man will ALWAYS fail you at some point, the Lord will not. Speak with love and honesty. The Lord will lead you corectly.

Many blessings Rick. He will be with you when it is time.


 2007/12/1 0:05Profile

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Just to repeat what others have said. Be Christ like and above reproach. Simple, loving truthful, with humility and grace. The beautiful thing is that other people watch these things and God may be able to use you to help deliver someone else when they see Christ lived out in someone's life with reality. I'm sure you know all of this, but we just had a situation where my wife called me at work flustered and needed prayer before going to address an issue with someone. My advise? Just remember, be Christ like. Her situation melted away. Praise God either way because He is good! I'll pray for you also. Thanks!


Barry Voss

 2007/12/1 5:45Profile

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Southern USA

 Re: Need prayer.

Dear Brother I am thankful that you are leaving with out bitterness because if strife is avoided you will save yourself a lot of soul searching later .

May I point out the needs of the elderly to you. Most are widows and true saints of God. A visit, a kind word, playing a game, giving a card, a ride, a gift, and encouragement are so greatly appreciated , become a volunteer at the senior center and at nursing homes. We all should present our selves at least one day a week ready to serve.

Paul did not say for us to present our spirits or our souls, nor our money, but we or to present our bodies , There is plenty of money by the lack of love is astounding.

Romans 12

1. I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.


 2007/12/1 7:10Profile

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