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 Painful testing

When Foe and Friend

When foe and friend both thee offend
Remain still at thy post
And search thy conscious earnestly
By help of Holy Ghost

Be not surprised and less dismayed
At sudden accusation
For never sleeps thine enemy
but waits for best occasion

Stand guard thy heart o’re every care
Especially in peace
When hidden dagger finds its mark
From whom ye thought it least

When words are sweet but underneath
A bitter root has grown
The tender kiss masks serpent’s hiss
The poison will be shown

If only from a foe should guard
Would seem a bit more fair
But Satan’s best accomplices
Be those thy bread do share

Alan and Dina Martin

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Joined: 2005/5/19
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 Re: Painful testing

This poem came from Matthew Henry's Commentary on this passage in First Samuel

1Sa 17:12-30 -
Jesse little thought of sending his son to the army at that critical juncture; but the wise God orders actions and affairs, so as to serve his designs. In times of general formality and lukewarmness, every degree of zeal which implies readiness to go further, or to venture more in the cause of God than others, will be blamed as pride and ambition, and by none more than by near relations, like Eliab, or negligent superiors. It was a trial of David's meekness, patience, and constancy. He had right and reason on his side, and did not render railing for railing; with a soft answer he turned away his brother's wrath. This conquest of his own passion was more honourable than that of Goliath. Those who undertake great and public services, must not think it strange if they are spoken ill of, and opposed by those from whom they expect support and assistance. They must humbly go on with their work, in the face not only of enemies' threats, but of friends' slights and suspicions.

Alan and Dina Martin

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Great poem and posting...thank you!


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