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 What's The Biggest Challenge For You As A Christian In Your Country?

Just name a few that you can think of or even more than a few if you can.

I'm just interested in seeing if christians everywhere are facing the same sort of things.For me the problem I have most of all is the lack of fellowship with true believers like on this websight. Staring at the back of a pew every Sunday and shaking hands only as a means of meeting other church family members.

At first I was just going to title it "in the church" only but I realize there are some that struggle more on the outside.

[color=0000FF]I especially thought this would be a great way to pray for each others needs.[/color]

 2007/11/29 20:01

 Re: What's The Biggest Challenge For You As A Christian In America?

Maybe I should narrow it down. Do you struggle more in the church, out of the church or both equally?

Maybe this is too personal...:-(

 2007/11/29 20:41

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 Re: What's The Biggest Challenge For You As A Christian In America?

It would be easy to write a lengthy list of issues, but I will try to limit my observations to those difficulties which are distinctively American, or at least are not entirely ubiquitous throughout the earth.

Most apparent to me is the low regard for morality WITHIN the majority of the visible church, compared even to the secular societies of other nations. Immodesty and ostentatious shows of wealth are maintained without shame, while, in the days of instant wire transfers and FED-Ex, individuals leave off from charitable works. The local poor are not fed by their closest Christian neighbor, and rarely does he wonder, "that man may be the temple of God's Spirit," as he holds back the dollar of comfort for his own pleasures.

Next is the reckless pace of our culture, running from task to task, too hurried to study and therefore running dimly on dangerous paths.

"Instantaneous ideals" foster the disdain of true discipline. Pastors approve their flocks ten hours of vain entertainment to purchase the one spent in study.

Practical illiteracy caused by two generations birthed, bred, fed, and groomed by television programming, have produced a culture distinctly recognized throughout the world for "knowing almost everything about almost nothing that matters, while understanding little of what does."

The psuedo-independence of American Democracy leads every man to become his own [i]theologia-finale[/i], while slyly directing him to build only within the safe squares of accepted standards.

Generally, we do not accept fervent men who tell us, "this must be done," even if they have clear scriptural support. We demand easy-going instruction; too delicate for anything but kid-gloves; a society of easily-bruised fruits.

The limp in the leg of the American body is one that we have all joined in:

[b]We do not educate our precious zealots. [/b]Instead, we castrate, muzzle, or exile them.

Lest anyone think that I absolve myself of these things, I am guilty of the whole. May God bless America's body of elect saints.

My biggest challenge is standing up against my own breeding in this society.

 2007/11/29 20:44Profile


Thanks, I struggle alot with the issue of the poor too.Especially here in Florida where we have a crisis with the homeless.

 2007/11/29 20:50


The main reason I said lack of fellowship with true believers is that it's hard to come into agreement with the needs of the body if all we can ever do in church is take 5 minutes or less to shake each others hand.

The early church in acts annointed certain ones in the church to attend to specific needs of the body. Normally you never hear of the needs of others until they are dying, divorcing or in the hospital. No wonder the church is so sickly.

If a person took care of thier physical body that way you would be sick all the time!

Acts 6:1-3
1And in those days, when the number of the disciples was multiplied, there arose a murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews, because their widows were neglected in the daily ministration.

2Then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples unto them, and said, It is not reason that we should leave the word of God, and serve tables.

3Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.

 2007/11/29 21:26

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Agreed. I feel it too.

 2007/11/29 23:30Profile

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Miccah wrote:

That word came to my mind last night too and I began studying the seven churches described in Revelation.

This one really got me. Look what He says to the church of Sardis:

[color=0000FF]Revelation 3:4
Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy.

 2007/11/30 6:08

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Nottingham, England


Sorry, I'm not American, I'm from the UK, but things are not exactly wonderful over here in the Christian realm either.

As has been said, true Christian fellowship is missing. Also, I think children are very much neglected in the church.

Oh yes, they have the entertainment, but the spiritual side is missing.

The church thinks, 'Dad and Mum will take care of that, and the parents think, 'The Church will take care of that', so the children get neglected.

And they are the next generation. So take a good look at the children in the church now, and that is the future of Christianity. That is, if any of them are still serving God before they leave their teens.

My daughter, who is 19, is grieved at some of the things that are called 'Christian'.

But fellowship with other like minded Christians is very much needed.

God bless.

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glorytoglory wrote:
Maybe I should narrow it down. Do you struggle more in the church, out of the church or both equally?

Maybe this is too personal...:-(

I think this is not just there in america, i believe happen all over the different part of the world, even here in australia. where we are fellowship is a small congregation and every time we try to share some spiritual experience we have with the Lord is like to much to take for the pastor itself. :-? :-( At this point my spirit bursting out waiting for God for the next step we need to take. The area we are in are in low income community many are struggling family. It feels like we are tied down and unable to reach out. Here in the land of Australia suffering in draught hardly rain if it rain is not enough to nurish the ground and it is the same spiritually. What ever happening in physical realm is happening in spiritual realm also.


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