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 Phoenix Service...HIS uplifting provided by the BODY in the midst of rebirth

Devotional: Following up to the devotional which Donna provided and I forwarded after speaking with her, this poem is about our need for the Body of CHRIST to assist us. We look for those who have ALREADY been through the molting / molding process and are now reborn and restored. Only those whose view is one of RE-view, can truly assist the one who is in the midst of Vulnerability and Weakness. LORD! Bless each of us with such a servant whom YOU have already transformed…to be our earthly encouragement as we continue to press forward in YOUR service! Amen and amen!

Phoenix Service

Dear LORD, molt me in this hour…surpassing Molding’s height - extreme
where all is shed to gain rebirthing…yea, this frame and earthly wings.

Just as an eagle whose transforming now resembles Phoenix fire,
so am I weak whilst in the center of this process HE inspires!

Dependent on the Body – then – to nourish this, my broken frame,
so does “self awareness” struggle having naught within my claim.

Without defense or weaponry, so I am likened to…“first birth”.
Helpless save those ‘round me stand to fend off Hell’s host…on earth.

Until this frame HE has reformed to serve relentlessly – renewed…
I must depend on those – transformed -- whose “molting time”
can be – reviewed.

As HIS servant in your service,
W.V.W. Jasnoch (11/28/07)


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