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All honest Amreicans pays their taxes without telling them to pay.

This is Biblical. "Render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar's..."

Doesnt mean we have to like it tho, and it doesnt mean we have to sit back and allow injustice.

One thing that most Americans forget is that it is "We [b]the people[/b]...". Not "We, the politicians...", or "We , the special interest groups...", or "We, the minority..."

It's "We [b]the people[/b]!"


 2007/11/30 7:36

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 Re: Who Pays Taxes in America?

Can I just say, this thread is somewhat confusing.

First, it is entitled Who Pays Taxes in America, and then the initial post it says, Thoughts on illegal immigration.

So, what exactly is being discussed here?

Is it about American citizens paying taxes?

Or non American citizens paying taxes?

Or should illegal immigrants be allowed to stay if they pay taxes?

Or, what do American citizens think about illegal immigration, should they stay or go, or does that depend on the situation or regardless of the situation?

See what I mean? We have a multi-topical thread going on.

I'm confused, but if you are not, then go right on discussing.

Since I am not an American, and do not live in America, I guess it's nothing to do with me anyhow.

So you continue, and I'll keep scratching my head.

God bless.

 2007/11/30 8:44Profile


Well, considering that this thread was begun by Chandras, who has apparently been banned from the forum... the confusion is understandable.

I am really not sure what this thread is about exactly. Perhaps if we just ignore it, it will fade into the abyss of forgotten threads.


 2007/11/30 9:04

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