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 Praise, Praise, Praise

Praise the Lord

Psalm 135:1
Praise ye the Lord. Praise ye the name of the Lord; praise him, O ye servants of the Lord.

Let those who are themselves full of holy praise labour to excite the like spirit in others.… Let his character be extolled by you, and let all that he has revealed concerning himself be the subject of your song; for this is truly his name.… Think of him with love, admire him with heartiness, and then extol him with ardour. Do not only magnify the Lord because he is God; but study his character and his doings, and thus render intelligent, appreciative praise.… If others are silent, you must not be; you must be the first to celebrate his praises. You are “servants,” and this is part of your service; his “name” is named upon you, therefore celebrate his name with praises; you know what a blessed Master he is, therefore speak well of him.… As grace has made you his own personal servants, let your hearts make you his court-musicians. Here we see the servant of the Lord arousing his fellow-servants by three times calling upon them to praise.… We do not praise enough; we cannot praise too much. We ought to be always at it; answering to the command here given—Praise, Praise, Praise. Let the Three-in-one have the praises of our spirit, soul, and body. For the past, the present, and the future, let us render three-fold hallelujahs.

Charles H. Spurgeon, ed., The Treasury of David.

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