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  Matthew 25:14-30...

Devotional: Matthew 25:14-30...When GOD sees what we have done with the talents HE gave us, there will be a testing of our efforts through the fire. What remains will be that which we did with a pure heart and solely for HIS glory. I pray then for each servant…that we weigh our thoughts and actions ever so carefully. Consider those ‘round you at present who appear to be wholly serving the LORD. When that day comes, ‘twill be little surprise that those who seemed like or thought that they were “sold out” for CHRIST….are absent from the great rewards they assumed would be theirs. If given ten seeds to witness to and care for, then you must joyfully embrace each seed with care. If five, then embrace five. If five thousand, then do likewise. At the summary / bottom line…it’s all or nothing, I remind myself. It’s all or nothing in HIS service as your servant. Otherwise, one slips into some form of disappointing “lukewarm” actions. Therefore! Watch and pray…with praise! Amen and amen.

Honorable Acts

At the judgment seat reviewing
when the LORD sifts through our works...
so my prayer – in preparation
now pours out for HIS compassion.
For if HE chooses not to pass
o’er details which condemn me…
then no hope remains at present
for those stained by prideful actions.

Hear me! Draw near! For purposed not
these words are to those heathen!
Each inscription is for Christians
when we stand before HIS throne!
Though salvation – ne’er withdrawn
yet may our greater blessing be…
because the one whom much is giv’n
must give greater…when they sow!

As HIS servant in your service,
W.V.W. Jasnoch


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