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my friend's son (in his 30's) was miraculously healed of testicular cancer. He has fragile x syndrome, and (maybe connected?) an extremely high pain threshold, so his parents didn't realise until it was too big to hide any longer, and far advanced, with metasases in bone and lungs.

The Lord gave us a word of promise of healing, and he is healed, though of course still has to go for checkups. There's no sign of any recurrance - I think its about 2 years now.

I hope this further evidence that the Lord does still heal in these days will encourage, even though there are no guarantees unless He speaks specifically as He did for this young man.

We will continue to seek Him on your behalf.

One thing that comes to mind as I type is Daniel's friends in the furnace (Dan 3). They said that God is able to deliver, but (even) if not...

There's another word, but I need to wait for confirmation and maybe share another time...



 2007/11/29 17:30


LittleGift wrote: "I hope this further evidence that the Lord does still heal in these days will encourage"

Yes !

 2007/11/29 19:13

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 Re: Please pray for Pastorfrin.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I have news, I have wonderful news, I have wonderful, glorious, miraculous news.
Jesus is still in the miracle working business, are you ready for this?
The tumors that were in my pancreas and liver for the two previous CT scans are
absent from this last one, they are gone, gone, gone.
The mass growing from my partial right kidney, are adhesions from the Partial Nephrectomy that are putting pressure on my ribs and surrounding organs, which is causing all the pain.
My lungs have areas of calcified and non-calcified flax possibly caused by pneumonia and or
material breathed into lungs from years of exposure to construction materials.
In simple terms, no tumors and no cancer. Praise the Name of Jesus, Thank You Lord, Oh Thank You Jesus.
Thank You All for your faithfulness in prayer, please rejoice with my family and me as we offer praise and thanksgiving unto Him Who is FAITHFUL who Promised. He is still Today, 'The Lord That Healeth Thee'

In His Love
pastorfrin and family

 2007/11/29 20:01Profile


[color=006633][b]"IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE"[/b][/color]


[color=006633][b]GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHTEST !!![/b][/color]

 2007/11/29 20:04

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This is [u]GLORIOUS[/u] news!!!



 2007/11/29 20:22Profile


Praise God! :-) I'm rejoicing with you!

 2007/11/29 20:24

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Pastorfrin!!!!! This is tremendous news!

Praise God!


 2007/11/29 20:28Profile


Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Thank you, LORD!!!

Praise be to our Jehovah Rophe!

 2007/11/29 20:42

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Pastor Frin,
I am tearfully wonderfully pleased to hear this great news! Our God is awesome! All Glory to His Name! Thank you Jesus!


 2007/11/29 20:49Profile

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This is nothing short of awesome! So glad, so very, very glad! Praise the LORD!


EDIT: You still going to share segments of your spiritual journey with us? What you experienced during this trial?

Sandra Miller

 2007/11/29 21:44Profile

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