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See that?? This is what this forum ought to be! Even when we disagree... but all too often everyone wants to be Elijah and bring down hellfire and sulfur.

...and then say they "did it in love".

No no, this is what love is.


 2007/11/15 15:48


well, I broke my agreement with myself to not get involved in this thread.


I will just reference the first two pages of this other thread... if any one gets it fine, if not let this fun puffing up and pitty party continue... start with my comment on page 1 then the reply on page 2 then my next reply...


 2007/11/15 16:03


... whatever, Jim. Some get it... some dont.


 2007/11/15 16:12

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Hold your peace brother ... Lay down the sword.

There is a great need of ceasing from strife and insinuations from all that it applies to.

Conduct. Suffer yourselves an ability to keep silent. Might we try and just keep this one thing before us ...

The Lords Testimony

Mike Balog

 2007/11/15 16:16Profile

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jimdied2sin wrote:


I don't know about the MOST absurd thread on the index. I thought the post about Jesus not being God was the most absurd :-)



 2007/11/15 16:18Profile


Mike... was that for me? ...cuz I was doing a lot of tongue biting right then.


 2007/11/15 16:19



KrispyKrittr wrote:
...for me, the debate was not about whether a Christian should or should not drink... it was about man-made rules that are not found in scripture. I'm sure it comes across to some as defending drinking, but thats kinda hard to avoid. Some people are just going to misunderstand no matter how clear I am. It should never prevent us from talking about truth.

And the truth is... scripture never suggests that a glass of wine is sinful. There are clear prohibitions against drunkeness and strong drink... and warnings about the abuse of wine. But never suggests that moderate, responsible consumption is a sin.

Just started reading this thread. That would be my stance also Bro Krispy.

Don't suppose there'd be any point in quoting this on the drinking thread though.

In Him


 2007/11/15 17:42

 Re: Judgementalism will eventually KILL this forum

Kristy wrote: And I know that I know that God saved this imperfect man. I have no idea why. But He did. And His Spirit lives inside of me, and He is guiding and directing my life. And He is leading me into all truth. I'm not there yet, but I know I'm on the right road... and boy, it's a narrow one.

moe wrote: While I could fall on either side of some those issues, I won't here on this post, but I have touched on them in other posts. But I do want to say that I enjoyed reading your post and to also say I know why God saved you. If I might use a bit of the shorter catechism. He saved you and me both to glorify God and enjoy HIM for eternity. If you are judged by anyone, it should be by your local church body. Our culture has omitted Church disciple as it was visable in the early church from scripture. I'm not saying anything you do is worthy of judgment by the church because I don't know you. I would like to say the definition of judging is not merely making a statement about an issue or speaking what one believes is truth. Judging is when you make a call that he/she is sinning, arrive at the proper penalty for that sin and administer the penalty, that's when it becomes judgment. If speaking truth was judging then the Apostle Paul and all the Prophets of the Bible and the true Word preaching Preachers/Prophets today are sinning every Sunday from the pulpit, so that's not judging in my understanding. Thank you for allowing HIM to do a work in you and allowing you and giving the strength and provision for you to do your ministry and use your gifts that HE has given you. I too, like yourself still sin sometimes and I ask forgiveness regularly for it. My life is not sinless, but I do sin less, than prior to receiving the converted heart by HIM, much less. I too have some ministries. It is not those ministries that saved me, but a regenerated heart that HE gave me, because of what Jesus did at the cross, and HE put a new SPIRIT within me that gives me the desire to be pleasing to HIM. It is HIM that works in us both to will and to do HIS good pleasure.
God Bless

 2007/11/15 17:44



Compliments wrote:
The things that people used to believe in are staggering. I remember when people used to believe that if you drank Tea or Coffee, your salvation was to be questioned. A woman who cut her hair had a Jezebel spirit. These are taboo's and superstitions, one translation translates superstitions as doctrine of devils.

I do know what your saying Krispy about truths and untruths. However, people will only believe what they have been taught. It only takes a severe thrashing of the holy Spirit to knock these things out of us to realize the actual truths of God's word. Basically one would have to leave their present organization and go back to square roots of Christianity with bible in hand and the Holy Spirit to lead. Otherwise all we will always have here on this site is the flesh(obeying the letter of the word) warring against the Spirit(obeying the quickened Word)

Having been brought up very strictly teetotal I remember the first time I set foot in a pub alone - it was scarey! The reason was that my car had broken down and could see no other building for miles where I might get help!

I was amazed (not kidding!) that the people in the pub turned out to be really normal, kind helpful folk!

Wonder if an atheist feels that way if he sets foot in a church?

But the Lord has done a lot in my life since then...



 2007/11/15 17:47

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Will there be kittens in heaven? I say yes! Who wants to disagree and start an arguement? (I'm just kidding, please don't reply).

Ian Smith

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