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 Twenty Reasons Not To Sin

– Twenty Reasons Not To Sin

1. Sin Does Not Satisfy
2. Sin Leads to More Sin
3. Sin Leads to Worse Sins.
4. Sin Enslaves.
5. Sin Degrades and Humiliates.
6. Sin Steals Joy.
7. Sin Steals Our Confidence Before God.
8. The Wages of Sin is Death.
9. God Will Punish Sinners (in this world and the world to come)
10. Sin Hurts the Lord.

11. Sin Hurts the Sinner
12. Sin Hurts the Sinner’s Family and Friends.
13. Sin Brings Reproach (to the Sinner, to the Church, and to the name of the Lord)
14. Sin Makes Light of the Blood of Jesus
15. Sin Puts the Sinner on the Side of the Devil, Demons and the World
16. Sin Sets the Sinner Against God, the Church, Holiness, Life, Blessing and Victory
17. Sin Saps the Anointing.
18. Sin Steals Time.
19. Sin Has Eternal Consequences.
20. Your Sin Will Always Find You Out

 2007/11/15 7:54

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 Re: Twenty Reasons Not To Sin

How true. Thanks for posting this. I've printed it off to ponder on it

George Platt

 2007/11/15 8:12Profile


Thank you Jesus.

 2007/11/15 8:27

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 Re: Twenty Reasons Not To Sin

Thanks mate for posting this, if possible to print this out as a hand out. is there any copy right on this? seems like this script belongs to someone or if this is yours do i just have to put your aka?
:-) :-o


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Ft. Wayne, IN

 Re: Twenty Reasons Not To Sin

That is so good and true! May Jesus help us to hate sin as He hates it!! May I copy it as well to hand it out?

In Christ,


Mikah Litchfield

 2007/11/15 9:20Profile

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