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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 MUST HEAR: Reprobates and Trembling Nations by Carter Conlon



I was able to listen to this message live in Times Square Church in New York city! God spoke very clearly and powerfully through pastor Carter Conlon. What unction and soberness that was present in the meeting, I began to weep under the sense of the awe of God in the meeting. Spread this message to many others! May God prepare His True Church for the days are evil.

[b]Reprobates and Trembling Nations[/b]

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2007/11/14 23:03Profile

Joined: 2002/12/11
Posts: 37699
"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: MUST HEAR: Reprobates and Trembling Nations by Carter Conlon

Has anyone taken the time to seriously listen to this message? any comments. I believe its a pivotal message in our times to be shared abroad.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2007/11/15 10:03Profile


I want to write something that will make me very unpopular. I believe that we (among the revival crowd) have a false sense that we are the repairers of the wall, when in fact many are on the verge of being handed over to the greater darkness and reprobation.

I wonder how many have come here, listened to these messages, listened to Ravenhill, Wilkerson, Washer, Tozer, etc and haven't even made an effort to scale down their lifestyles so they could feed the poor or support missions, I wonder how many continue in willful sin through unbelief although their ears have heard that Christ came to purchase for himself a free and spotless bride. Brother I wonder how many here on the forum spend more time praying then watching TV. I wonder how many, as one dear brother wrote recently, are moved from their beds by the Spirit at night into a closet or bathroom to weep before God.

How long can we waver between two opinions?

If entertainment is God then serve entertainment.

If the comfort of your flesh is God then serve the comfort of your flesh.

If talking about revival is God then continue talking about the thing that you have no intention on ever paying the price for anyway.

If the American dream is God then continue to serve the American dream.

If meaningless church activities are God then continue on in them

If self preservation is God then continue to save your life, when in fact you are losing it.

If unrighteous mammon is God then continue to serve and take comfort in unrighteous mammon

But if the Lord, He is God, then turn to Him with all of your heart today. Whoever tries to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for the sake of Christ will find it!

In Him - Jim

 2007/11/15 11:08

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(MUST HEAR: Reprobates and Trembling nations by Carter Conlon).

Honestly Jim, I could never bear that price.

….and though I know that I am not perfect I am far from it and many times feel like the biggest sinner as I am extremely hard on myself and the mere thought overwhelms me, as I am often filled with so many questions. God will never give us more then we can handle, yet he places his burden upon our hearts and patiently waits for our response. He may raise many others, but the burden he places upon you remains until its fulfillment.

This in no way shape or form changes who you are, it does not change your demeanor, in any way however if need be this demeanor can and has proven to be effective like a mighty wind and when you seek where this wind came from in which direction, you are confronted with a small voice that says;

I can’t do this without you
I can’t move without you
I can’t speak without you

Holy Spirit

He is my beloved and I am his, when does god‘s purposes his burden his vision become our beloved reason for doing what it is that we do? If God is waiting for a chaste virgin then by all means wait faithfully, but if what God is waiting for is a bride without any spots, then remove these spots from her with the washing of the Word.

Not be might, and Not by power, but by his Spirit!

 2007/11/15 14:36Profile

 Re: MUST HEAR: Reprobates and Trembling Nations by Carter Conlon

I'm not surprised you wept, Greg. It was a most encouraging word, [i][b]full[/i][/b] of truth and conviction of truth.

 2007/11/15 22:20

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Mansfield, Ohio

 Re: MUST HEAR: Reprobates and Trembling Nations by Carter Conlon

That was a very powerful message, that deeply challenged me. Thank you for making it available.

Daniel J. Mount

 2007/11/16 7:54Profile

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Awesome loved it. :-D

 2007/11/16 16:25Profile

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 Re: MUST HEAR: Reprobates and Trembling Nations by Carter Conlon

--- As i told my friends Sam and Theresa the other night, "Either God IS talking to me or i'm as crazy as a bedbug" ...

Bro. Conlon's message here is exactly what i've been hearing Him say to me for some time now, and the intensity of bro. Conlon's delivery is exactly what i'm experiencing of late as we wind down in this year of 2007 because what i believe i heard Him say to me at the beginning of 2007 is "This is the Year", meaning that financial disaster for America and REVIVAL is "finally" coming to my congregation in this year and there's not even 2 months left ... You'd think that with such a short time frame left i'd be able to begin dismissing my belief as some sort of crazy self delusion, but instead it's intensifying with each passing hour that what bro. Conlon speaks of is now at our very door ... He says "perhaps in a year", but what i believe i hear our Lord saying is "in this year" ...

i can't explain exactly what i feel - it's a tension ... It's not fear - as in for myself, i have absolutely none when it comes to my self, but i do for others, particularly for so many saints here in the U.S. that will be taken unawares, it's gut wrenching at times, i'm not sleeping as deeply either these days - i'm just so concerned for the Body is what it is ... i've wished often that i could shake this "belief" but it's obvious to me that i've got to ride it out all the way to the end to find out if it's truly of our Lord, or just some kind of long drawn out weird spiritual sickness on my behalf that's only adding to the escalation of confusion and strife in the Body ... Seems like everytime we turn around there's something new for us to focus on toward even further division ...

i for one, God knows, am very tired of all that bro. Conlon addressed and as i've said before if He don't step in and snap us ALL to attention it'll only increase and get far worse ... God also knows if that's the case then it'll surely go on without my participation because after all these years if He proves me to be mistaken about what i believe i'm hearing from Him, then i too have been just another addition to the increasing confusion and strife, and i'll be gladly bowing out and putting way behind me all that's led me up to this culmanitive year of 2007, retaining nothing more than the very "first love/first works" basics of the Gospel because it'll be apparent to me that i have no appropriate grasp on any of the rest of the scriptures pertaining to seeking God in earnest and recieving His favor toward the furtherance of His Kingdom ...

"Either God IS talking to me or i'm as crazy as a bedbug" ... If it proves to be the latter, God help me-and i know He will ... But if it proves to be the former, as bro. Conlon ends his message, God help us-and i know He will ... One way or another i believe Rom. 8:28 is shortly about to be applied to my walk as never before ... i just want what God wants for me - for us all ...

Blessings in Christ Jesus Who is able to keep us from falling when all about us has fallen ---

 2007/11/16 17:35Profile

 Re: MUST HEAR: Reprobates and Trembling Nations by Carter Conlon

On the Sunday before the conference, (21st October) Carter Conlon's sermon was entitled 'The Image of God'. I've just heard it through. It has the feel of being the intended introduction to 'Reprobates and Trembling Nations', as it is a warmer invitation to seek out the true image of God in Christ Jesus, rather than a false image (Ezekiel 8).


 2007/11/16 21:07

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Nice choice for feature of the week Greg. "Time is short" keeps echoing in my ear. You've seen New York firsthand last week. Something is definitely going to happen here that will effect the whole world. You can just feel it!

Leonardo Santana

 2007/11/17 0:17Profile

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