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This should be the NORM!

We cannot live in the shoulds and aught to's. We must live in reality. Let's admit, coultleses believe that they have arrived in "this place". However, such a lofty self-view keeps them from being honest. It keeps them in pretence - making pretending claims about their relationship with God.

Let's not try to fool ourselves because we so desparately want to believe we are living in the "should's" and aught-tos" all the time, and we want to avoid the experience of condemnation.

The black and white kind of theology that you proclaim leaves little room for honesty - for a journey. If one admits that they struggle with such sins as bitterness or anything else, they are branded (by self or others) as hopelessly condemned - back in the black part of the spectrum.

Your theology leaves little room for failure, forgivenss, mercy, patience among the brethren.

Let's admit, failure is a reality in life. It was for many Bible characters.

In these days of sifting, we are seeing many - even great spiritual leaders fall. Indeed, the poison of bitternes has opened many up to the wiles of the devil. These are days of sifting. But like it was for Simon Peter, God uses these failures to humble them, and build their faith in HIM, not themselves.



 2007/11/12 20:59Profile



I do not speak of sinless perfection but rather of Christian Perfection as Wesley preached. Before you speak against this REALITY, KNOW that many people have lived in this place for YEARS.

So it is a reality just not preached today, for the most part. I am speaking of a reality. Just because YOU may not be aware of it or know no one who lives there DOES NOT MEAN IT IS IMPOSSIBLE or IMPROBABLE.

We are NOT to rely on experience as our standard BUT RATHER BELIEVE WHAT THE SCRIPTURES TEACH. If we do not live there, then we need to seek the Lord until we do.

OR are you suggesting that we only believe what we can see? We have been told in the Bible that is NOT TRUE FAITH!

a bondslave in CHrist Jesus, Dirk

 2007/11/12 21:13

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