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quote:what is this mark, and how this mark will prevent me or anybody else from buying and selling?

Does not the mark of the beast allow one to buy and sell? If the mark is taken you will be able to buy and sell and eventually end up in hell because by taking it, one denies Jesus to save their skin. Is this not right? After the rapture of the church, those that are left behind and remain and it possible is only speaking exclusively to the 12 tribes of Israel. The one that takes the mark will be trying to influence others who haven't to take the mark and they could even have a cliché trying to convince people to take the mark that would go something like this.
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 2007/11/26 16:44

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 Re: 666

Reply to Brother Samuel

Our Creator gave us dominion over every living thing on Earth, so to me it is simple as you said. The dragon has to be indwelling.


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