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I have a problem with reading into things. I don't like to look at Jewish traditions either unless there is scripture to confirm that these things are so. I'm going to do some more studying up on this. Once I get going it gets in my spirit and I have to get an answer.:-)

 2007/11/21 22:16

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Yeah, I don't care much for placing custom on par with scripture as some want to. However, in this instance, there is scripture to show precedence that divorce could occur PRIOR to a woman being joined to her betrothed husband.

As I have stated before though, I do not 100% believe the porneia of Mt. 19:9 is regarding pre-marital sex in the betrothed. It very well could be though, so for those who say it absolutely cannot mean that, are disregarding the scriptures at hand that show it is possible.

Blessings in your study! I KNOW how it feels to have something in your "craw" and HAVE to have the answers. :-)


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