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How do you know that some is doing thsi gerg?
DO you have it set on the SI with IP numbers?
Just wondering? Are you saying that Hanna and walkington are the same person? Why would they use multiple accounts? That dosn't make any sense to me? hanna account said she had been for a while I talk with her. Again do you have p number on SI? sorry very confused by this. Brother, are you saying that these people where backbiting, if so can you show me where? And maligning a character where? If I may ask brother with all repect, there has been other on SI, brother that have been much more backbiting then this person? So are you saying they were kicked for the fact of having more then one account and not the other, which other statement you where making a point?

Mike I am sorry if this was written with little grace. I wasn't by any means for to be, but re reading I can see where I sounded wrong. I just wondering about Ip I didn't ask with Grace. As Hanna and Waslkington, I was just wondering, there so much that has been said, it og been nice to have a clear picture thats all.
again sorry I was a little upset. You are right I should prayed before posting. Thank you for having grace with us.
may God give us peace and a sound mind. I am praying for you brother I know you are very busy. Thank you for all you do. Have a wonderful night.

In His love


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 Re: of faith

Brothers and sisters, just now in prayer and meditation I thought of this part of a verse, from Romans 14:23. I'd like to share it:

It says

[i]...for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.[/i]

If I could copy it again...

[i]...for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.[/i]

Sometimes I like to read verses slowly in my mind, pausing on the several words in them

for whatsoever

is not of faith

is sin.

Grace to you, and peace.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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 Re: Revival Conference

The time is short, the harvest is ripe, and we practice platitudes while the world perishes in hunger.

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Yes, let us move [u]forward[/u] from the Conference in the hunger to get beyond those things that so easily entangle us! Sometimes, we can "[i]make mountains out of molehills[/i]" -- even in matters of the propriety of true revival.

I wasn't able to attend the Conference due to some responsibilities at work and home, and it literally [u]hurt[/u] to have missed it! But I was privileged to have watched and listened via the Internet. My wife and I were extremely challenged, motivated and driven to my knees!

Let's not let anything (opinions, prejudices, or apparent offenses) come between what the Lord has for us. Instead, let us shake ourselves of any spirit of cynicism (...and I am not accusing anyone of this...) and boldly go to our knees in order to know Christ ever so intimately!

After all, He is truly all that really matters. When we are close enough to feel and know His heartbeat, some things just won't bother us as much as they do. Plus, we will know the next step that the Lord has prepared for us.



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When we are close enough to feel and know His heartbeat, some things just won't bother us as much as they do

Of course, this is the very one thing our adversary would NOT wish. Failed expectations are handy props for him - to distract us. But God can use them too: to teach us that he is not controlled by our desires and expectations, and to help us learn about ourselves.

I was in Canton too - a few months earlier. Still, the Spirit is not confined to time and place. The Wind blows where it will. I sure felt some breeze!

The SI conference is but a small step in the process of God’s far bigger work. Perhaps one of his plans has been to put to death our faulty expectations and understanding about revival and thus lay a foundation for his future work – beginning now.

There is only one thing that would be utterly grievous: That we fail to see the God-ordained lessons for us because our eyes are looking in the wrong places.



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