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  Revival Conference

Did I miss something? I expected to see some discussions about the Revival Conference. Where are the testimonies? I did not get to go and wanted to hear what impact it had on peoples lives.

 2007/11/6 7:51

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 Re: Revival Conference

[url=]This[/url] is one of the threads.

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A conference of this kind, of this dignity, should cause much and deep thinking regarding spiritual causes and effects leading to practical conclusions and strategies involving interaction in prayer - but of this we see none.
It is as if the congregation is hiding from this analyze, hiding from taking action. The most wordy items in the treads are indulging in an advanced dodging of issues – echoing the many before them, saying “all is now well”.
We are continuing in prayer, asking for light to be shed for the sake of revival.

 2007/11/6 8:28

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My sister you were there?

practical conclusions and strategies involving interaction in prayer

what do you mean by this sister?
frredcd, there has been a few speaking on what conf did for them.. This last week, I got myself in a pit, unable to much at all. I hope that this week God will help to sit and write what God showed on this trip.

Blessing charlene


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 Re: Revival Conference


freecd wrote:
Did I miss something? I expected to see some discussions about the Revival Conference. Where are the testimonies? I did not get to go and wanted to hear what impact it had on peoples lives.

Perhaps one reason that there has not been a flood of discussions on SI concerning the revival conference (besides The Canton Journal, and also the discussion on [url=]Carter Conlon's sermon[/url] is because the revival conference was not a 'Sermonindex reunion', particularly for those that frequent the forum. Most of the people that I met at the conference fell into a couple categories, one, they had maybe heard of SI or were not familiar with it until the conference; two, they only download sermons off of SI; three, they just 'read the forums' (quite a few of those people!) and rarely post if at all; and four, they were regular posters and were looking for other fellow SI forum members. Of that latter group, I met maybe 15 people that fit into that category. And I know there were a few more SI'ers there that I did not meet.

So that might explain why there isn't a flood of discussion and testimonies like one might have expected. Though, I think there are some wonderful, precious testimonies on the Canton Journal. :)

At the revival conference, revival was defined into three categories. One, that of personal revival, two, that of corporate revival (church), three, that of a spiritual awakening in the community. That is a very, very basic summary. I highly recommend listening to all of the messages from the conference.

From the testimonies that I heard and from the focus of the speakers at the conference, the revival conference was a time of personal revival, a time to draw a circle around me and ask God to start working within that circle. And I believe He did do that in many lives. If you caught any of the testimony time on Thursday afternoon your heart would have been shouting 'alleluia' for those who testified to the deep workings of God in their lives. Or, if you had been in the prayer room (as Charlene was) and seen the people come in with burdens of sin, and then see them walk out in the freedom that is found in Christ alone, ah, once again, praises to God would have erupted from your heart.

My point is, that God did do a deep work in many, many hearts, a work that is [i]just beginning,[/i] I hope, a work that is being carried back to families and churches. A work that will be carried on by [i]much[/i] prayer. Eternity alone will reveal what God did and still is doing because of this revival conference.

I too would [i]love[/i] to hear more testimonies from the conference; I soaked in the testimony time during the conference and longed for it to go on and on (I think there were more people that could have shared but there wasn't enough time)...but God knows what we need to hear and He will make sure we know of His workings when it will bring praise and honor to His Name.

Perhaps this thread that has been started could be used for more testimonies from the revival conference (from those present and also those who watched or listened to the sermons), and not just from that conference but even of God's faithful workings after the conference. As believers we should be experiencing daily revival. Revival shouldn't be a one time experience for us, but a continual working of God in our hearts to make us more like Christ!

Rejoice evermore.
Pray without ceasing.
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

 2007/11/6 11:39


We were monitoring this opportunity for testimony for months, praying hard for its outcome.
You are yourself a most pregnant statement regarding the function of the prayer hall – while so many others were shut out from the process of covering the event.
It is as if the Lord said “Just one intercessor is enough – the willingness of my people is at this point at such a level that My testimony is properly declared by the smallest and most feeble prayer unit to cover that gathering.”

The foremost thesis brought to us in and through all revivals is that the praying men and women who are crying out to the Lord are the driving force in a revival – this was also stated over and over again in the gatherings. But as a factor applied in a practical manner, the thesis was left without regard. And, no strategy was established to capture its practical implications for future events.

We could continue asking questions regarding a prayer union lifting up vessels, men of stature, to the Throne for the sake of a word from the Lord to the nation, and the nations.
Or the question regarding the common testimony among friends and saints regarding a testimony to resist the worldly influences damaging the Church according to Ef 3:10.
This work is left untouched, even avoided.
What we need is an aggressive burden for the testimony – The Lord has a sword in his mouth. And, I am not talking about modern trends in spiritual warfare, but a zeal for truth.

 2007/11/6 13:34

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One statement that stuck with me (among many) was made by Ron Bailey as he preached on Psalm 51. It was a quote from Proverns 17:

Wisdom is before him that hath understanding; [u]but the eyes of a fool are in the ends of the earth. [/u](Prov. 17:24)

I took from that that we have to get our eyes on our own lives and stop with this notion that God is going to send a revival somewhere else, even to the ends of the earth, other than in our own lives. To be repulsed by sin in America and every where but my own heart and life. I agree with Roniya. It was a time of personal revival. And if Revival is going to begin- surely it has to begin with me and my house- with my church and so on.

Robert Wurtz II

 2007/11/6 14:43Profile



RobertW wrote:
And if Revival is going to begin- surely it has to begin with me and my house- with my church and so on.


 2007/11/6 14:55

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Hi everyone,

Brother Robert,

"To be repulsed by sin in America and every where but my own heart and life."

I remember from the testimony of the revival on the Island of Lewis or one of those places, when the men were praying in the barn, and one says something to the effect of " is so much humbug for us to be going on like this... if we ourselves are not rightly related to God."

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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Hanna, I no idea who are you are, I ask where you at the Conf or did you listen on line?

I write my dear beloved to what you have said, It seems to bring up many things in my heart.
To which I have ponder on. About 6 months ago there was something that happened, to which I learned a lot from. There was this group of godly men, who loved the Lord so much. They serve him and shared Christ more then I did for sure. They were talk of prayer, the importance of it, and how there is a great need of prayer. I agreed and Was happy to join this prayer meeting. All went well for some time. But then they had said my prayer where is way off or that with little grace and praying of sin to much. I went back prayed over my heart, I heart was not off, they just didn’t like the way I prayed. May I add they were standing for unity repentance and love. Yet I saw many believers from all over the city come together, which I taught was a wonderful thing. We are one body and are called to love all. But what I saw was sin was over looked so unity could be made. Many may Struggle andfall into a pit is one thing, but willful sins is another. When the people of God gathered it was all about the shame of their sins, a cry for mercy. So gathering of all is not wrong, but our reason and what we do can be. They gathered and repented. True weeping turning from Sins. This was a very sorrowful time. But unity that comprise sin is not honoring to God. They were saying they wanted all people to come and pray, yet I was ask to not be part of prayer meeting. So I ask what unity this that? Can we say one thing and yet act a different way. Can we say we love the body and yet chose who come and pray and not? What worry me, is when truth centered prayers are pushed off, because they offend people. I just don't understand how one can even claim they are of unity in the body when they are saying who should come and pray and not. Where is the humility? This was brought to my mind today when I saw your post. How sad I still I am over thing like this. I stand to say it is wrong. For those who unable to join the prayer meeting where ones who stood for truth. But soon, the light will shines and all things done in the dark will come out. As for me, I have seen this first hand, and have been the one kick out ask to not ask to come back. I have been told I am judgmental, How is my beloved, when one stands for holiness is ask to not come back. We will pray and cry out for change but when one show you a sin, we become pridful and say that person is judgmental. I then question who are they trying to please man or God? Who are they worried about God or man when prayers are made? Here they were having the prayer meeting on repentance yet when came down who wants to really change? there are some, but from what I have seem in the last year, it is prayer but no real cry of longing to be changed. yes we long for God, but no willingness to seek him take away the tv and Moives and say yes we are hungery? Where then is the real heart felt crys of Gods people? we read we listen to the importance prayer, but I really wonder it it has gripped most of us? Even as I am back, there are but a few who long to gather and keep praying. It isn't about praying, it about wanting God the center the passion the delight the all, the lover, it all about seek his face, wanting to hear his voice. Whom desire to hear Christ voice “Must be complete surrender of yourselves to God in this sense that this time you wish to think not your own thoughts but Gods thoughts and that you determine to preach nothing of your own invention but Gods word” So if we call a prayer meeting, let be fully surrender to God, Let truth be the center of it all! Let God word cut into mans heart, let it not be just emotions but truth! “true humility will lead you to think correctly about yourselves” In this when we are praying in humility and honesty we want to have a clear picture of who we are. “ “ why should God give blessing and then let you run away with the glory of it” God is all about his own glory, dear beloved. When I was there God at there prayer meeting months ago, He said how will this bring lasting fruit? They praise and pray to me but there still unchanged harden of heart they are still clinging to their idol, they know not what real repentance is. He will not let run away with the glory. I ponder this. If these men behind it all
for example were in sin, and they themselves where living in lies and sins, they thought God will work yet they put on real heart felt prayers into it, it was done their way and not Gods way. I have seen this many times they will at a event we want God to work, and do mighty things, but when comes down to those praying are but few or none. So ask the question does God only for his children to pray for events and after, what then would be the need well it is going? Although when I went to Paul Washer Church for their Conf they had people in their every hour. I am still pondering this one question, How we say it is all about prayer, yet when comes down to it, few gather to pray together. Do we as people have a heard time praying together. does God use dead tools for working living miracles?”To not just have a living jaw but heart what is one who boast in all preparation will soon fall” So the question lingers How can God bless something that done with wrong being done to others. It remains of Isa 58 the fast, they say they delight to meeting with God, yet God says they were doing it all wrong, there was no change in their lives. Anyways. I was thinking about that today. But I do end on this hopeful and wonderful note, when I was in Ohio there where two wonderful girls and two guys who showed what true prayer is all about. Those who draw near to God, God will draw near to them. God waits for us to give Him our all. Praise he ever so kind, but it is unwise to look pass his angry and punishment for those who will turn.

You have talk of the prayer Hall, do you mean the Prayer room?

Much love charlene


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