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 4th of july sermon

I am trying to find a sermon I heard a few years ago on the radio. It was a fourth of july sermon about how america was founded on christianity. i think it was on family life today or somthing like that but i couldnt find it the archives they have. if anyone could help finding this or similair sermons i would really appreciate it.

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 Re: 4th of july sermon

Hi rdv...

You might try visiting the [url=]WallBuilders website[/url]. The website contain a great amount of resources into the Godly history of America. In fact, they have a video entitled "[i]America's Godly Heritage[/i]" that is quite enlightening about the faith of our founding fathers and the attempts by both secularists and some sectarian Christian groups to disguise it. I feel that it is worth looking into.

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