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 Stained Speeches (Anger's ByProduct)

Devotional: Unfortunately, there are times when Fact seems so obvious. In like manner, when the repeated response of the listener and conscious objector (though lacking in depth of experience) is to contradict without pausing to internalize the teaching first…then the fault lies on both sides. Often we vent when the listener is someone claiming interest in teaching yet ultimately walks to the beat of their own drum. Though skilled and creative, their singular path cuts others because their word…must be the last one heard. Regardless the correction….regardless the training, the teacher finds themselves agitated all too frequently. Thus, Anger’s frightening, end by-product is Silence. Herein is where the LORD GOD turns one over to their own foolish desires. Desires which are to be right at all costs and to vent visibly and openly regardless the wounds caused. All that can be prayed then….is that both change. Else Silence from Heaven and silence on earth results in separation from both GOD…and man. Amen.

Stained Speeches

Who shoulders the blame for the anger
which spews as though poured without thought?
The one who has vented Displeasure
or that soul who ignited the flame?
‘Tis fault which both bear without question.
Even still, what of past confrontations….
where they who incited the blaze to be fanned
chose to treat every warning – the same.
By this meaning, such deafness is thick
so that though they agree, naught is done.
Thus, a great many fires are strengthened
by the words which they choose to proclaim.
Hence, ‘tis at some point, one surrenders…
for the fight has now taken its toll.
Then, in silence, this soul will remain
and let every emotion reside in a grave.
Only with such an action will Calm
be restored to the heart of the speaker…
whose tireless efforts to teach – though imperfect
will leave them with no more….to say.

As HIS servant in your service,
W.V.W. Jasnoch


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