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 Preacher, the perpetrator

It is intriguing, even strange, to see how the one preaching repentance in modern settings, preaching out of the purest motives under the covering of the Holy Spirit, is again and again made the perpetrator – the one in need of repentance, the one in need of asking the sinner for forgiveness for daring words touching an already pressured conscience.

Who do we defend? Do we defend the right of our dear Lord and Saviour to bring the end time church back to His order and intentions? Or, do we defend our right to protect what we think is our right to create and moderate statutes for a new kind of Church which focuses on user-friendliness and calls that which is secular to be equal to that which is holy?

None of us have reached the level of “Show me my wretchedness.”
None of us have reached an “I am undone.”
None of us see as the Lord sees.
Far too much of “Spare me, spare this. . .”
Far too many cry “I have rights, I am able to judge properly- better than both God and men.”

This said in regards, among other threads, to Conlon - Show me my wretchedness, and others of the same category, recommended and also avoided. . .

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 Re: Preacher, the perpetrator

We have worked ourselves through another Conlon item of extraordinary quality:
“Judas factor in ministry.”

It seems perfect to ask you all to listen to it in this particular thread.

It would be, by many, considered to be offensive to the mind, indeed revealing to the broken heart and penetrating on a spiritual level.

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 Re: Preacher, the perpetrator

When you preach the law, where it says: thou art my son, this day begat I thee, they want no more scripture then what is in their Duns and the devilish doctrine which they go by. Simply to put these preach in vain, they preach peace peace, when there is no peace at all. Yea actually preaching that thou shalt take to thyself no graven image, makes you to appear as a rebellious sinner who is against the Lord.

They should follow the words of William Tyndale in his worms 1526 N.T quarto prologue
Count it as a thing not having his full shape, but as it were born before his time, even as a thing begun rather than finished. In time to come (if God have appointed us thereunto) we will give it his full shape, and put out if aught be added superfluously, and add to if aught be overseen through negligence, and will enforce to bring to compendiousness that which is now translated at the length, and to give light where it is required, and to seek in certain places more proper English, and with a table to expound the words which are not commonly used and show how the Scripture useth many words which are otherwise understood of the common people, and to help with a declaration where one tongue taketh not another; and will endeavor ourselves, as it were, to seeth 2 it better, and to make it more apt for the weak stomachs; desiring them that are learned and able, to remember their duty, and to help thereunto, and to bestow unto the edifying of Christ's body (which is the congregation of them that believe) those gifts which they have received of God for the same purpose. The grace that cometh of Christ be with them that love him.

Pray for us.

Terry L Merritt

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