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 O the love of His royal heart! -mason

[b]O the love of His royal heart![/b]

(William Mason, "The Believers Pocket Companion")

"Christ is all!" Colossians 3:2

O for the pen of a ready writer, to set forth the matchless
glory and unparalleled excellence of the King--the King of
Kings--the King of saints, even King Jesus!

We were once stout-hearted rebels against His crown and
government! But, O the love of His royal heart! Instead
of executing fierce vengeance upon us, for our sins--lo, He
came from heaven to earth, with a flame of love in His
heart, and matchless grace on His lips--on purpose . . .
to die for us,
to wash us from our sins in His own blood,
to conquer the rebellion of our hearts against Him,
and to win our affections to Him!

Has He saved us by His precious blood? Has He made us
His willing, loving disciples, by His powerful grace? Surely
then, we should live in the sweet enjoyment of all the rich
blessings of his kingdom, and be holy and happy every
day, yes, every hour--IN HIM. This is His loving will
concerning us.

O for a single eye to look unto Jesus, a humble heart to
sit at His feet, and a simple soul to hear and believe every
word from His gracious lips, that we may know the love of
Christ--constantly know it by a heartfelt sense of it. This,
this is the one thing needful--to make poor sinners rich,
and miserable sinners happy in time, and joyful to all

Remember your chief employment. It is not merely to
make a profession, and to keep up a form of godliness;
but to maintain and keep up a warm, lively, comfortable
sense of the love of Christ in your hearts, from day to
day, yes, from hour to hour!

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