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 Book Reviews coming!!!!

Greg has recently appointed me to stir up the rather dead book review section. I shall frequently post book reviews of books as I read them. I will also post some of my older reviews that I have on I will post reviews for books I've liked, as well as disliked. Though, I will probably tend to post more about the ones that I liked that I think will be overall profitable to other Christians. I read a variety of Christian books: theological, text-book, devotional, etc. Some reviews will be a bit critical, some will not. I'll do it in my spare time. I encourage everybody to participate as well.

Wise Christians will recognize the value of reading books other than their Bible. I know some like Smith Wigglesworth boasted that all they read is their bible, and that they did so not in Hebrew and Greek, but only in the Holy Ghost. However, such is a superficial spirituality that totally ignores that there is wisdom in many counselors, and reading other books on matters of the Christian faith acts as a way of keeping us in check to make sure we maintain the faith that was once handed down to the saints.

Also, we must not ignore other brothers and sisers that the Lord has given us to provoke us to go deeper in the Christian faith. Ephesians teaches us that God has given some as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teacher. These men and women are gifts from God for us. Let us be good stewards of these individuals that God has blessed us with. If God had thought all we needed was our Bible, He would have put us on an island. But, no man is an island and we as believers make up a community of faith that exists to provoke one another and stir up eachother in the faith.

Jimmy H

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