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 Has the law been fulfilled

The question we each must ask our selves is has the law that makes sin exceedingly sinful been fulfilled in each of us, has the law been fulfilled in bringing us to love God with all our hearts and our neighbors as ourselves?
Some I would say are in a state of perpetual transformation trying to keep a few pet laws and loving a few select people and worshiping God on Sunday.
Devine love only fulfills the requirements of the law and Devine love is a Devine gift.
The caricature of Christianity that people are rejecting in masses is of a religion of self-righteous works and earned pity. The Christianity that is excepted is you and me as sinners knelling at the cross thanking and praising God for His gift of salvation to us.
Tomorrow will be another exceedingly sinful day and love in the hearts of Christians will be shed abroad to the righteous and the unrighteous alike because Christian love does not originate in us but shines from the cross through us.


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