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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Christian Foster Parents Lose Foster Child - They Refused to Teach Him About Homosexuality

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God's preappointed dwelling place


Her name is Hannah overton. Google it and pray and post.

I googled this lady to find out how best to pray, and the alleged story is much more than spices and water, with alleged physical beatings.

Thank the Lord that He holds all of the answers. This family will be in my prayers.

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Joined: 2007/10/1
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God's preappointed dwelling place

 Re: Christian Foster Parents Lose Foster Child - They Refused to Teach Him About Homo

As to the original post, I am saddened but not surprised by this. It would seem that though our governments claim to have Christians in the hot seats, the morality is taking a nose dive. I personally attribute this to false claims of Christianity to begin with, believing that none of our leaders can be right with God and allow such atrocities (but that is a different thread!)

It looks as though our corrupt governments will put their hands into the lives of Christians in many different facets as we endure these last days. My children attend a school district where homosexuality is a part of the curriculum. We have less rights in our pursuit of righteousness then homosexuals have in their pursuit of sin. Keep in mind that shortly all of these governments (North American as well as UK) will soon outlaw the ability to spank our children in every district. The enemy wants us to compromise the ways that God has taught us in His word to raise children, compromising on our chastenings as well as our moral standards. This leads me to wonder what is next.

As an abstract though: woe to those who are pregnant or nursing babes in THESE days: we are bringing them into an evil world. The world is happy in its' depravity, and will seek to destroy us as we oppose the enemy!

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Looks like she was convicted of the murder.

[url=]Story here[/url]

here is her website with more information.[url=]Free Hannah[/url]

They definitely need prayer. How horrible.


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Hisdaughter, The medical examiner said the "marks" on his body were from where andrew scratched his misquito bites and the "bruises" were consistant with what happens in salt poisoning.
This whole nightmare could not have been stacked against Hannah any better.
Everone has a different opinion.....
But life w/o parole?
Charles manson got a better deal
Oh and btw she had her baby in jail and was taken from her and her husband.

My heart goes out to her.....I think about her every day.


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My Mum works in social work and a large percentage of christians work in social work and at this time they are short in foster carers.
It is so stupid our goverment biting the hands that feed them.
Are nation needs Jesus and so do I.
Our goverment does such stupid things without asking god first.

Dominic Shiells

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